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    Peter Lynn CQUAD

    Recently I bought a 6.3m C-Quad including lines and handles for £50 off the Flexifoil Forums. Bargain!

    Took it out for a fly in pretty much zero winds for the first time a few weeks ago. In fact, I got down to the beach and there was no wind so I thought I'd take it out of the bag to have a look at it. As I took it out it seemed to be catching some wind (from somewhere, I don't know where!) so I unravelled the lines, it took off, and I was scudding slowly down the beach! Amazing.

    Later that afternoon the wind picked up a bit (about 6-7mph) and I was getting nice floaty jumps! This thing is very powerful.

    It was a difficult decision whether or not to buy a C-Quad. The reviews seem to be a bit up-and-down. People complain that the power is unpredictable. I would simply counter that and say that it's very predictable when you know how to fly it. Just put it wherever you want it and it will pull like a train. It has loads of lift, and makes a great kite for buggying, boarding, or just messing about.

    People complain that it is hard to fly. I would say that if you fly it like a foil then yes, it is a bugger of a kite and will flap all over the place. If however you know that you have to fly it pretty much totally on the brakelines, then it is very very easy to fly and extremely controllable - you can stop it, depower it, reverse it, land softly, take off unaided, etc.

    People complain about packing it. Well, at first it was a bit difficult, but after 2 or 3 goes I am now able to put it away quicker than a foil - just two twists, into the bag, and in go the lines and handles. Easy as that. I haven't yet snapped the leading edge, but they're only £14 from my local kiteshop and take about 30 minutes to fit so it's only a small disadvantage.

    I haven't yet tried it on the water but they're not water-relaunchable so I'm going to wait until I have a bit more experience with it. However, I have heard that they make great kitesurfing kites - not as good in many ways as the modern inflatables, but very very good considering how cheap they are!

    All round...great, brilliant, amazing! I might save up and get some more! The only other thing I can think of is that if I had enough money I would probably go for something like a Blade, Bego, Frenzy, etc. but I don't have any money so C-Quad's will do just fine for me.

    £110 for a brand new 3.2m? Bring it on!

    By : Tom Arnold

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