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    Peter Lynn CQUAD

    In many ways the CQ is a great kite.

    There seems to be a love/hate feeling about them in the kiting world. I find them more powerful them the equivalent sized foil, but the power is delivered differently. It pull hard and suddenly. This makes for exciting buggying. The power is very predictable. You know how much you will get and when it will come.

    With foils, the amont of power varies depending on the level of inflation. You will read many complaints about broken spars and packing difficulties. Leading edges do brake, but they are simple to fix and don't break that often. Packing is simple too. C-Quads are great to buggy with, but I have had enough of them and will be replacing mine with foils. I am sick to my teeth with broken bridles. I have never heard anyone else having this problem, but I have had it with ever C-Quad I have.

    I also get the feeling than the way the kite delivers it's power hinders learning tricks such as wheel-stands. There seems to be no way of feelind the power in and out to maintain balance.

    By : Peter Thompson

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