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    Peter Lynn CQUAD

    The C-quad is one of the kites that everyone seems to have heard of but few have flown, as a regular 'quad flier I've never quite understood it. Although I've not flown the biggest of the range,I regularly fly all the rest up to the 6.3 which is almost unmanageable in anything over 10 knots of wind.

    The kites are immediately identifiable, their distinctive scicle shape and apparent huge size for any given area make them stand out on the beach , their 'differentness' emphasised by being single skin with a leading edge spar and leading edge to trailing edge glass fibre rods helping to support the bridle and keep the kite in shape.

    Quads are packaged in a very neat flourescent yellow disc shaped bag,the opening of which can bring a very startled look to the face of any innocent bystanders as the kite erupts from within under the pressure of its coiled leading edge and unfolds to its full size without any help from the owner........

    Once in the air the kites power is immediate and easily available although they require a slightly different flying technique to the more usual foil type kites, they prefer to be flown using the brake lines rather than pulling on the tops. The usual advice is to keep the hands together and twist rather than pull. A cleverly designed bar is available which simplifies the control and eases the learning process.

    As a buggy engine the smaller Quads are superb, offering huge amounts of power and a fantastic upwind ability. All of the range are nimble, but the bigger kites can easily overpower a smaller buggyist, particularly in gusty winds. the 4.2 is my favourite kite. It was dirt cheap to buy, pretty good quality and has let me learn loads about buggying without having to struggle with an 'on the edge' kite at the same time.

    Downsides? for sure there are a few, there is a real knack to packing them away and the leading edge can be vulnerable to damage, although I have only broken two in over two years of using several kites. If you are unlucky enough to crash it , on relaunch the bridle will invariably have tangled around the leading edge tips, the work of seconds to sort out, but it can get frustrating........

    On the whole, I think the Quad would make a brilliant intermediate kite for the budding buggy expert, but as I own five I might be biased...

    By : Gordon Inwood

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