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    Peter Lynn Bomba 15M

    Iv'e just returned from York race course after my maiden flight with my new kite, the Peter Lynn Bomba 15m. Having only flown smaller kites on handles I was a little nervous and didn't really know what to expect-but hey thats what its all about, right? The wind was very low (around 10-15mph).

    I opened the kite and unrolled it on the wet ground. Next I opened the inflate zip and left the kite to self inflate while I sorted out the lines and zero 4 bar. By the time this was done the kite was fully inflated and with zip closed, spars in and lines connected it was time to fly!

    I attached the bar to my harness and walked backwards at 45degees to the kite. The top corner furthest away folded over towards me, the kite filled with air and made the ARC shape then slowly lifted off the ground and headed to the zenith.......Perfect.

    Over the next 4 hours I realised this kite had tremendous power but was fully controlable in fact a friend who had never flown a kite was flying within 10 mins.

    The power of this kite should always be respected and the flyer should never become complacement as this kite could cause a serious injury. Saying that the build quality, kite design, and user friendliness this kite rocks! 10/10.

    Oh I nearly forgot. I am a large guy but was still getting 6-8ft jumps -go figure!

    By : OceanDivers

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