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    Pansh Sprint 5.0M

    I was lucky enough to have a go of the Pansh Sprint 5.0 pass the Pansh UK. So first impressions:- Well the wife's 'Looks like a workman's hi vis jacket' well what do they know. My first impressions were it's very long and thin (Aspect ratio 5.3) and for a 5m kite it's got a lots of cells (41 in total). The material is a nice soft material, not as soft as my Brooza II's but not as hard and crispy as my Brooza I. It's got Velcro dirt outs at the tips with double stitched reinforced trailing edge and cell openings. All the main bridal attachment points are sewn into the bridal with the brake bridal attachment point sewn onto the bridal. The bridal lines are a soft dyneema with sewn loops,(here I would have liked to seen the SK75 coated and spiced bridal).

    The bridal is adjustable, which having had this on my Blade iv and my Brooza II's I think is not always necessary to have, as I have found that you think it's a good idea to start with, have a play and then decide it's best left set as factory standard, so what you are left with, is a bulky lump of bridal where all the lines meet. Now unlike my Brooza and the Blade you don't have a single point to adjust the bridal for each side but you have 3. Now at first you think 'That's going to be a pain to adjust, 6 adjustments in total instead of 2', but in doing it this way they have managed to have an adjustable bridal with no added bulk or wind drag, well done Pansh.

    All the visible cells are crossed braced, double stitch and reinforced everywhere. This cross bracing and the fact there are so many cells make for a very thin cross profile. With that in mind and the fact it has an AR of 5.3 should mean it's going to be fast.

    So how does she fly?

    First flight
    8mph wind, inland. Not an ideal wind speed for a race kite which is all about traction but good to have a static fly and get a feel for the kite. Well unlike the few racekites I've had a fly of, it was very easy launch, a quick tug and up she went to the zenith, no need to turn and fly across the window, impressed. I found it had a very large window almost 180 degrees and delivered a constant smooth pull through out the window. She was very quick through the air and was quick to turn with push pull, brake and combination input. It was very stable, but would fly out of the window if you let, but keep an eye on it and it's not a problem. In low winds it was a bit tricky to reverse launch but with winds above 12 mph it's not a problem.

    Second flight.
    12-15 mph almost fully cross shore, turning later in the day to mostly onshore slightly cross shore. Well with the winds coming almost completely cross shore it gave me a great chance to test the upwind and downwind performance of the kite. Well upwind was very good indeed in the 12 mph I had no problem getting upwind using the whole width of the beach to take the best line. Going downwind I always find trickier than going up, but with the Sprint it is so quick to turn I was able to loop her and turn her so smoothly and quickly I was able to keep her fully inflated whilst taking an almost straight downwind path and with the fact the Sprint gives very little static lift I was also able to perform my first ever tack turns. As the wind picked up to 15 mph luckily the wind turned to mostly on shore slight cross, I managed my top speed for the day of 37.4mph but with my weight and buggy set-up I found it hard to hold line both on the fast run and the upwind leg as I was drifting with the side way pull. With a heavier all up weight and better wheels this kite could be used quite a bit more wind.

    So all in all, a very nice race kite. I think this kite will cause a stir when Pansh bring out the complete quiver. So anyone wanting to get into racing they will be a real contender with this little Beastie. Well done Pansh.

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