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  • garrettAir

    Pansh Legend 3M

    Legend 3- first 30 hours-

    I bought this kite to learn to kiteboard. I decided I would put 30 hours in with it and get in the water- skipping instruction. Of course, I am writing from my hospital bed- just kidding. What actually happened, and this probably has some positive reflection on the product, is I developed an interest in powerkiting and bought an Ace 5.

    Anyway, how it flys.
    I can only compare it to the Ace. But it flys very well. Controls are very stable and flys with brakes very nicely. It isn't lifty like the Ace, but it is pretty well mannered in big wind. Once I get my skates built I think I will probably use it a lot. I almost wish they made this thing bigger. I wonder if it is more like the Blaze?

    How is it holding up? It has had some tough times- it was attacked by two large kite- eating dogs about the 3rd time out. (I am not kidding about this). I had to punch the primary dog repeadetly to get it back. He finnaly let me unhook a shred from the leading edge it from his tooth. Which I recall appeared to be about 8 inches long...

    I patched it up with some dacron tape I sewed on with an easy stitch (needle to large but still worked) and it still flys great. The rubber on the handles is slipping up and the handle lines are fraying. The lines are pretty stretchy. In big wind when it hits the power window it seems like I can feel them stretching like- idunno 4 feet maybe? feels like it. anyway. Kind of scary actually, you think no way this is going to hold, but they still do. Good thing it is not that lifty- I haven't gotten enough air with this thing yet that if the lines broke over sand i would be injured- Ace is a different story though.
    The kite itself shows some wear (mostly dirt) but still works great- bridles are fine and material holds well.

    So the finall rating- don't know how it compares to a lot of kites but i can't remember when I have had this much fun with 100 bucks. Talk about bang for the buck.
    Thumbs way up.
    Will need new lines and handles pretty quick though- but remember, we are talking about 30 hours here. Might buy a few spools of that q-power stuff. Lines need to be right for my weight I think, not kite size.

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