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    Pansh Blaze 5M

    I bought this kite after seeing all the questions and answers bouncing back and forth on the forum and thought "well how bad can it be for 60 notes!!"

    I had recently bought a 3.6 beamer that I love (review to come) but wanted a kite that I could use for buggying in lighter winds as I just cant seem to get a handle on my Quadrifoil XXL. So after the usual fun and games on the website and bizarre emails from them, one claiming the kite couldnt be delivered as they quote "didnt know who where I exist as to be the kite delivered", this came the day after I actually got the kite!

    Anyway, after trying to fly it in 15-20mph winds (just so I could get the set up right! DOH!) and being bitch slapped by it I packed it up and decided to wait for lighter winds!

    Well yesterday it came so out I went. The kite is well made with good bridles, stitching and material, the lines are a bit of a disappointment but what do you expect for 60 notes!

    I put it on some existing 25m lines I already had. my first thought was the brakes look REALLY slack and is it went straight up on a stake I thought hmmm better put some knots on the brake leaders. After doing so and putting the lines about halfway up I found it flew well, pulled smoothly and braked well if a little slow.

    I got into the buggy but found it was just turning too slow to buggy with and after playing with the brakes I still had had no real joy.

    It was then I remembered seeing something somewhere about putting power rings on a blaze. I unpacked my quadrifoil and robbed the power rings on that, put them on the blaze slackened the brakes off to halfway down the leader and tried again.

    What a revelation, the kite pulled smoothly, turned MUCH quicker and let me have LOADS of buggy fun... With the power rings it was a different kite altogether!

    I have to say now it is not going to replace a 5m Samurai, Beamer or Crossfire etc but if you want a 5m kite for a beginner and are on a limited budget you couldnt get better, especially with the power rings!

    For those of you who want to try them, they are 250mm long and I have added a set of 4 knots at 50mm intervals on the brake leader for a bit of adjustment there but am now flying it on the 4th knot, 200mm up the leader.

    All in all I am glad I bought the Blaze, I kinda like the old school graphics (white with orange flames) the bag is a bit crap really but still usable. I flew it again later with the lines supplied and they are obviously the pre stretched lines. It flew fine and although the wind wasnt very strong they didnt stretch, stronger winds and we will see.

    Its probably a kite that I will use more and more, particularly if friends want to fly a bigger kite. Great value and with the minor add on of power rings a great buy.

    By : BlindJP

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    fair comment I reckon.... my 8.5m will never replace a Blade of similar size, BUT its an excellent landboard engine. Power rings and/or bridle mod needed, the brakes on mine were non-existant when i got it... with tinkering, this is an excellent kite for a silly price!

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