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    Ozone Samurai II 4M

    I've not been flying kites for very long, a while ago I bought a 1.4m Symphony to have a play with but I soon found myself trawling the reviews online looking for advice on that first kite that would be able to power me along on my mountainboard.

    Eventually I decided that I wanted a Samurai II, lots of people rated them highly and it seemed like a kite I could progress on.

    I was fortunate to find a local flyer in my area who was happy to give me a go with some of his kites and give me some much needed tuition, this gave me the confidence to go for a 4m Sammi instead of the 3m version I'd planned on originally.

    I bought the kite second hand with the control bar option but it was only 2 months old and the condition was as new (Minus sticker and keyring).

    The stitching is even and neat throughout the construction and the cell edges and trailing edge are taped. There are 2 dirt outs, one at each side of the rear edge - although I've not really needed to empty dirt out of it yet so can't say how useful they are yet.

    The bridal is stitched and the attachment points are numbered for easy set up - although it was already set up for me so I've not had to use this either.

    The control bar feels good and sturdy and the grip is comfy, it's red on one side, black on the other so you know which side is which. The harness line has a quick release safety which is really easy to use (just pull the red tab) and easy to reconnect also.

    The brakelines are attached through a pulley on the end of a webbing strap with trim loops on - pull the red one for more brake, the yellow one for less - simple.

    The wrist leash is attached via this strap too.

    The winders have elastic loops to hold the lines on when wrapped up and do their job well. It all fits in a rucksack which is red and black and is, well it's a rucksack! the kite fits in it easily.

    I've been out with the kite a few times now, but mostly in lower winds as I'm still learning. It turns pretty fast and reverses easily when crashed.

    I've managed to drag myself back and forth across my local flying fields on my board and the kite has a nice even pull. It doesn't seem to have masses of lift, but on the windiest day I've taken it out in (last week during the warm Ex hurricane Gordan winds, not sure of the speed) I found it lifted me just a foot off the ground whilst sitting at the zenith during a gust, nothing scary or violent, just a gentle lift and fall, but the pull of the kite lower down in the wind was awesome!

    I'm looking forward to gaining more confidence and taking it out in better winds now, and I'm definitley pleased with my new toy!

    By : TwistedAnimator

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    Nice review mate, I've been flying my sam 2 3m for a couple of months and am in love with the control you have with this kite. Give you a nice workout being pulled across fields, good speed in a buggy and sooo relaxing in low winds with the sunset behind you. Considering buying the 7.2 version, though slightly scared with the prospect!

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    Thought it was about time to update my review - I've now got some handles as well as the bar and these make the kite fly a little differently: the turning is much improved with handles, not that it was bad before but there's a lot more control available using the brakes, it's worth noting though that the handles have also created a couple of problems. These are probably to do with my skill level but I've found that the kite can luff badly if too much brake is applied at the edge of the window, it takes a few seconds to reinflate when this happens which can be a pain but can also be potentially dangerous as it can fall back into the heart of the power zone before it reinflates, also often when this happens the tip of the wing seems to snag on the bridal - it might be on the brake line part but i'm not sure. It's possible to shake out the snag sometimes but if not it's best to let the kite go onto the killers rather than try to land it. Overall though the kite is great - the problems aren't major ones and I'm learning to jump (low pendulum jumps with no board) and having fun skudding with it.

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