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    Ozone Samurai 2M 3M 5M

    I will review all three ozone kites here...

    Out the bag for all three are the same. Kite bundeled with high quality lines and handels. I personally prefer Flexi handels for the top line covers. All kites have numbered lines from kite to handles so setup is a easy, dont mess the lines on the winder up for an easy start. The small sizes from the factor setup require more brake for me, this is personal. My 5.0 was straight out the bag. 2.0-3.0 performance is vastly better than my previous bullets and busters steady pull through the window.

    I buggy and board so will comment on both types of use; buggy 2.0-3.0 normal fast turn for small kites lift avaliable if you want it power when locked into the edge of the window very smooth, handells gusts with ease. 5.0 very supprised by the speed of turn tried it in low wind conditions 6 mph and due to its fast rate of turn never lost any speed. Boarding was very good stable, steady & predictable, get your timing right and big air is yours. No where near a blade but way better than bullets (all round).

    Cant tell you how smooth power is, in comparison to my old (2004) Bullet & my buddies blade. As an allround kite Ozone have nailed it with the Samurai.

    Concerns, lose the rugsack, get better handless

    Materials, Top notch, water repellent top coat.Why i never fly in the rain,I hear you say! Well try a damp beach. I've tried a 7.0 buster and bullet setup in the sam spot as me perfome very baddly until dried.

    All round these kites are the best to date. Okay the blade produce more lift but they lack the predictablity of a Samurai, remember these are for novice to experianced, blades are aimed at experianced only. The Bullets have have had an over haul for 2005 so will they have learnt theat there 2004 version was terrible?

    Conclusion; you get what you pay for...

    Bullets=God knows what you were thinking
    Samurai=All round kite

    By : Husky_joe

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    I have been flying my 5m Sammi for a year now and have recently changed over to the bar, and after flying this weekend I will never be going back to handles! In low wind conditions (3-5mph at ground level) the only 2 kites that were up and staying up were 5 and 6m Samurai's (the 6m was being flown on 57m lines, but that is another story).

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