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  • Lem.

    JN Semi Freddo (mk1 and mk2)

    Usual disclaimer; I am a JN supported rider.

    The Semi Freddo is JN's only foil. JN do a lot of snowkiting, so a kite with the small pack size and easy launch/land of a foil makes sense for those backcountry trips.

    The kites all have a funky snowflake logo. JN does produce some striking looking kites and this is no exception. The mk2 has additional graphics on the wingtips. All the kites are very well made, with some nice details.

    To fly, well - it looks like a frenzy and rather unsurprisingly flys like one. The kites make a little more power per sq.m than the equivalent frenzy, but that's about it.
    This is no bad thing - the frenzy is the benchmark of snowkite foils.

    The mk1 doesn't depower as much as the mk2 and subsequently I found it wasn't quite as good upwind as the frenzy. It's also slower in the turn the the mk2.
    The mk2 matches the frenzy on most counts, whilst producing a bit more grunt from a smaller kite.

    So, in essence, this a kite for those who fancy a frenzy, but don't want the same kite as everyone else. It's not revolutionary -it's just a nice kite.

    By : Lem.

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    A nice kite I have a 6m and it pulls like a train, if not a little scary at times. It doesn't like the gust too much just like the Frenzy but in a clean wind at the coast it's as sweet as a nut. Like Lem says it's just like a Frenzy just has more grunt........ much more grunt.

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