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  • Lockie007

    HQ Beamer III 4M

    It all started a few weeks back. I was over the local park flying a cheapo kite with my daughter when this guy turned up with his yellow parachute....well that's what I thought it was.

    I stood there watching this guy getting pulled this way and that. He handed the handles to his mate and he was all over the place..... When I got how I did a bit of surfing on the net and behold I started my journey to the dark side of power kiting 🙂

    After a further few days debating and spending hours reading reviews and stumbling accross this fantastic site I decided to buy a Beamer III. I decided to go for the 4 meter version.

    So, 2 days later the thing turns up..I agree with many others who have reviewed this kite...good quality, simple setup and perfect for the "beginner".

    When I opened out the 4 meter "beast" I thought I may have been a little ambitious...but couldnt help but have a smile on my face.

    Launch Day....cut a long story short the first time I tried it was far to windy and I was rushing things abit. The kite was blowing all over the place so I decided to postpone.

    Last Sunday I tried again....WOW...no looking back now !

    I initially had some issue regarding winding up the lines from a few days back but finally hooked up the kite and was ready for launch. At first I had a few issues controlling the mother ship but within about a min I understood the controls.

    One thing that was apparent... I really had no idea what to expect from the "pull". It wasn't that windy but now and again it did pick up and ... WOW...it's difficult to explain but I fell like a kid with a new toy (and I'm 37!)

    It was a great experiance and I can't wait to venture out again...I bought a wind meter from ebay as I wanted to understand the wind speed next time round and to be mentally prepared for potentially being catapulted into the sky 🙂

    I'll probably book up a lesson with my old boss...King Nad...who is also a newbie on this site....we both have the power kite bug now and I can see us spending a few quid in the future on all this power kiting stuff.

    Great Fun and well worth the cash.....ENJOY !!

    By : Lockie007

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