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  • Karlosb69

    Flexifoil Rage 3.5m

    I have recently been in Newquay on holiday doing a bit of surfing and kite flying, as i was there i set my eyes on a Flexifoil shop which i ventured into and took interest in purchasing a new baby. I purchased a Flexifoil Rage 3.5 metre with the bar control for around £279.00.

    I took it out to fly for the first time at the weekend. All i can say is fab...! (I also have a Beamer II 5m and a HQ Sympathy 3.5m which i fly regularly.)

    As i got to the coast (prefer the beach to fly as its softer on the landing and find better winds, plus an ice-cream goes down a treat after flying) i was all excited as we walked down towards the sea and got ready to fly. I unpacked the kite and the lines and started to unwind the lines out on the beach. I decided to use my handles as i was comfortable using them and wasn't 100% sure how to set up and use the bar control i got with it. I laid the kite out as and connected the flying lines, i noticed that the kite had colour coded and Velcro strips at the bottom of the kites for very easy connection and also a little diagram of how to connect them. (this was a nice little feature as my other kites i have didn't have as they were not as expensive & known as Flexifoil is!) The lines were of excellent quality and the bridle line and kite were all nicely packed ready for first time use. Flexifoil is all about quality and easy of use. It came with a months free repair and a few leaflets on Flexifoil and other kites and accessories.

    I connected my handles to the flying lines and i did get a bar with the kite but never used it before and felt more comfortable using the handles for the first flight. As i disconnected the handles from the ground steak i was all excited as i pulled on the lines and i was away, launching was very simple.

    First thought were that it flies superbly, the response is excellent and it gave me a good pull to get a few jumps out of it on a light breezy day, i weigh in a 15 stone.

    Fly for about 30 mins. In strong winds it would be faster and with would give alot more power & pull. (maybe next time)

    Packing away was easy, as i wound the line around the handles and left the kite connected as for easy and quick unwinding when i next wanted to fly. Packing away was easy as it came with a fairly good sized backpack to pack away in.

    Rating this kite against my others which are a Beamer 5m & a HQ Sympathy 3.5m would be a rating of 8 out of 10.

    By : Karlosb69

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