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    Flexifoil Flexifoil Bullet

    After first try of sombody else's kite decided that my life had new meaning. Marched directly to the nearest kite shop and started asking advice. Before long had decided to order the blade III 4.9. Since this was going to take for ever to arrive I figured this gave me time to learn how not to kill myself on a smaller kite. Having no origionality I plumped for the most obvious kite available for a beginner the Bullet 2.5.

    On the first fly I took some friends with no experience whatsoever in winds approximately 12-15mph. Kited all day long scudded fell and grinned ear to ear. Packed up when our arms began to fall off and made our way home. Half way home decided to go back again. This kite is compulsive. After a few try outs in medium winds I was beginning to itch for the Blade to arrive feeling that the bullet was not powerfull enough and didn't give enough air.

    Then I ventured out in 20mph winds gusting up to 30mph. This was the best thing I could possibly have done. People will say that the bullet does not let you jump but let me assure you in 30mph gusts you will get plenty of air. A trip out in big boy winds reminded me that I knew nothing. On saying this the Bullet was superb, whilst I was dragged (not scudding) all over the place and lifted a fair amount, I always knew that the kite killers were there if I needed them, and after learning to respect the wind a lot more the kite was very controllable and realitively gentle.

    For those just starting to Kite the bullet is a god send, it is amazing that something capable of such power can be so gentle and forgiving. Everybody wants a blade to start out with but I suspect that the bullet is the forgiving teacher we all need.

    By : Chris

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