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    Well, here is my newbie review in chronological order.

    Day 1 :
    Read instructions first off. It was very easy to understand and I had no trouble setting up the strings. Only thing I have to say about set up is unwind the strings by flipping the winder end over end rather than just pulling the strings off the winder.

    OK, now to the good stuff. The wind was only about 5 miles per hour (the kite advertised >4mph as a flyable condition). I had to back peddle to keep kite in air so I called it a day after about 20 minutes. Pack up is simple and takes very little time.

    Day2 :
    It was rainy and miserable and the wind was only about 8mph. It was also my most fun day all week. I unpacked and got set up in about 2 minutes (second time ever unpacking the kite). I grabbed the handles gave a bit of a tug and instantly, I realized what all the hype was about. This ain't the kite my granpa gave me for my 12th birthday...

    This was... well... this kite was actually fun to fly. It shot straight into the air pulling against me just to remind me it wasn't the birthday present from long ago. I quickly learned how to fly it back and forth and up and down, I was doing twists and twirls and figure eights and everything else. After about 90 minutes I was soaking wet from the cold rain but i didn't want to stop. I landed the kite easily at the edge of the window using the brakes just like I had learned from reading endless articles on the internet.

    I packed up and went home cold, wet, hungry and absolutely happy with my day.

    Day 3 :
    This was the big day. The weather report said winds would be 10mph at 11a.m. increasing to 16mph by 5p.m. Unpacking took a little more care this time. I had to have a friend hold kite down while I set up so the wind didn't blow it around. I launched from the edge of the window like I had read with no problems. Man this kite shoots up fast even if this is my third time ever flying a kite, I have seen many video clips and this kite likes to take off.

    As the day went on and the wind got stronger I pulled a couple of modest jumps and skudded everywhere, usually unintentionally. All in all I had an awsome muscle straining day. I love it.

    I have very few complaints. Am happy with my purchase and can't wait to try kite skiing tomorrow if it snows enough.

    Complaints :
    Seems to over fly the window if i don't keep it from doing so. Seems to have less control at the edge of window (probably cuz i am newb).

    Final Thought :
    I feel like this was a very easy kite to learn. I am confident I will have no problems using it for traction kiting. I weigh 250lbs and it had no problems draging me in a 10mph wind. I am an excellent skier and think kite skiing may be my new sport for awhile.

    By : Jon

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