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  • Kamikuza

    Flexifoil Bullet

    I've had this kite for a few weeks now, and as it's the second 5m-ish sized foil I've flown, I feel I'm qualified to comment on it now :D the other is a 5m Peter Lynn Rebble which I've had for a few years now.

    Quality & Materials
    Really nicely made, lots of little nice details that just say 'quality' ... or perhaps, attention to details! Materials all seem good although the bridle lines seem 'stiff', although they may soften up after use, perhaps? The power lines are a heavier grade than the brake lines and all lines have little numbered tags on them. The sail material seems a little thicker than the Rebble, again stiffer to the touch. Colours (red, black and blue) are vibrant and rich.

    Using it on the handles that came from Flexifoil, the OE 4-line handles ... which are a bit ... well hmm - look like they're made outa PVC pipe! I guess they do the job though ... I've got the Flexi Pro-Links on the Rebble, which are somewhat nicer. Large diameter with the foam on though which is nice for big hands. I got mega-cramp with the Peter Lynn OE aluminum ones!

    It has velcro tabs at the trailing edge to secure the bridle when you pack it up but I feel these and in the wrong place - the Rebble has them at the leading edge - and can make it difficult to pack up and put in the bag. That'd be personal preference though I'm sure, but the fact that they're there is good - I think they're a great idea!

    Came with a backpack which is simple but attractively designed. Not very practical though - one side pocket which JUST fits the kite killers and the shape of the pack is like an inverted U ... if you fold the kite up in a rectangle, the you gotta wedge the corners in to close the bag. Or you gotta fold it into a tiny square which would make it a tight fit in the bag and wouldn't leave room for parapacking easily. On that topic, the front of the bag flops down when parapacking meaning you can't stuff that much down per handful.

    Flying & Handling
    Like I said, the only other kite I can compare to is the Rebble but here goes ...
    I've used it for static flying (to get used to a different kite and set it up), on the landboard and on skates in a carpark :D

    Seems to me that the Bullet is a 2-line kite with brakes added as an after-thought. It flies mostly on the front lines and the brake lines are l-o-n-g ... needs a large rotation of the wrist to activate them. The brakes themselves are quite small and are moderately effective, like a little tweak on the tips. To reverse land it in good wind requires moving my hands right down the grips.

    It's very stable in the air and flies slowly although if it luffs it does some interesting things - it often does a front-to-back roll in the sky, although each time it's done it, it's sorted itself out ...! Keep it moving though and it's steady and predictable. Stable in turns too. Keeps it shape nicely in the turn and stay well inflated. If you do luff it, it'll dump all its air quick and flap around but once it's under control, it'll inflate just as quick.

    It seems easy keep it in a 'zone' where it'll pootle around happily, dragging you around in a relaxed manner. But if you can step it up, it'll start ripping - get it moving fast and it'll pull hard. More lift than sidepull, though.
    In the same wind where the Rebble is over-powering, the Bullet is a little more relaxed and confidence inspiring.

    Easy to launch; bit tricky to land under control as it came cos of the long brake lines. Stays sitting on its bum when staked without fluttering away - so far - and remains inflated well on the ground. Easy to pack up although the brake bridle lines are long too and tend to flap out the bottom when folding it up - I blame the bridle tabs being at the bottom.

    I got a great deal on this so I can't complain about the value for money. I think if you were going from a trainer foil to a first 'real' power kite, this would be a great choice.
    Final thoughts : Naff handles, ok bag, great kite. Predictable and stable, well made and nice to look at in the sky!

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    Kamikuza, you need to calm down a bit and take a serious look at what's going on with this kite. First, 150kg sleedved dyneema is stiff, other kites will use a lighter breaking strain bridle and this is why they wear more quickly than the Flexi's. You say the handles are naff because of the way they look - i didn't realise owning a bullet was a fashion parade, they do the job perfectly and that's what counts.


    Next, stop moaning about the velcros - maybe you're folding the kite wrong, this is made obvious by the way you moan about not being able to fit it in the bag. And as for parapacking, you'll be telling me you pack it up when it's wet next.


    If you look closely, you'll see that the side pocket is for the handles, that's why there's an extra buckle is sewn in above it to keep them snug.


    Moving on... you moan (more than once) that the brake lines are long, maybe you should shorten them. when this kite is at its most efficient, you'll hardly use the main lines, it's all about the brakes and it'll turn on a sixpence with the correct technique. You also mention that your bullet has lift rather than sidepull, you are mistaken here my friend. the bullet has virtually no lift, by design. You are probably confusing lift with traction and traction is what the bullet is built for. If you disagree, go fly a 5m blade in a 15mph wind, it's like holding onto a circus trapeze - this is lift.


    If I were looking for a buggy kite and read your review, it'd put me off getting a bullet. But the reality is they are by far the best value for money buggy kite you can get. Try 10 minutes with a jojo racemaster, and you'll soon be running off to get your bullet!

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    I always find it amusing when rabid fan-boys are telling everyone else to "calm down". And although my ego appreciates my review being elevated to the status of Immutable Divine Word, it is, after all, nothing more than my subjective opinion.


    Yes the bridle lines seem stiff to me, compared to what I've seen on other kites.


    Yes I think the handles are naff. Cute little neoprene boots (that are very comfy) don't negate the fact that they're made out of plastic pipe. The pair in the boot of my car with a hole in the handle when the leader pulled through attests to their naffiness.


    Yes I don't like where the velcro straps are - maybe you prefer them down the bottom, but I don't. Didn't realize there was a right and wrong way to fold kites - perhaps you could fill us in on the perfect method?


    Yes I know you can put the handles in the pockets on the side. But I don't want to. And that means the bag is only just long enough.


    Yes I know how to turn kites on the brake alone, but without a harness and strop I'm flying it on the main lines. Brakes seemed long to me.


    Yes in my opinion it's more lifty than my Rebble but not as lifty as my Blade.


    Yes it's a subjective review based on my opinions.


    I mentioned a lot of good things about the Bullet too but you seem to have missed them. Your selective reading skills also failed to notice that I didn't mention anything about buggies as I don't have one. So if you based your decision not to buy a Bullet to power your buggy solely on my review, then you're a dumbass.


    Personally, I liked it despite it's idiosyncrasies. But that's just my opinion :D thanks for the entertainment, Lynchy!

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    I responded to your post to make it clear to other people who might similarly interpret my views and opinions from their own narrow perspective ...

    Got to me? LOL dude it's the internet, does anyone take this shit seriously? Except you?

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    You're obviously new to kiting and I understand that you may be frustrated. Don't worry though, given time, patience and practice most people improve. Who knows? in the future you could be kite-landboarding and maybe even venture onto the water someday. Good luck!

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