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  • revpaul

    FlexiFoil Blurr 5M

    I am beginner buggier and I fly inland/gusty.

    It took me a long time to decide on a 5m kite and I finally chose the Blurr.

    I used a 3m Beamer III to get used of handling a buggy/kite at speed and now use the Blurr more and more often due to it's AoA range and handling.

    The Blurr's bridle is most often set at the 3rd (closer to kite) AoA knot.

    I fly on a large field comprised of three football fields and about 10 small soccer fields. There are plenty of goal posts and trees separating the individual areas. I need to be able to manoeuvre. I can get up to speed with the Blurr and easily avoid obstacles with the Blurr. I couldn't say the same when using my 4.5 Ozone LD. Just too much sideways pull. I should shake the dust off of the LD just one more time and see how it handles compared with Blurr. Same goes for 6m Ace, the Blurr speeds me along faster while not pulling my arms off.

    I am impressed with Flexfoils attention to detail. I can not nit pick anyting about kite or accessories. I haven't a clue how to assess material/fabric/lines quality.

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