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    Flexifoil Blurr 5.0M

    My first review for Race Kites and having read many other people’s useful information and reviews it was obviously my turn to make a similar effort.

    Quick history I have been flying power kites for a few years but only started buggying in April 08.

    Bought the 5.0m Blurr for those summer days when the beach is like a billiard table with a distant heat shimmer and winds around 15 – 20 mph so about four times this summer. The Kite was bought with handles and lines and is the usual excellent flexifoil build quality and was easy to set up. Better sack than rage models more pockets for kite stake, gps, wind meter etc and good size and shape for packing kite and handles. The new prolink handles are just that bit better then the handles that come with the rage with the mouldings for your thumbs giving you better leverage over the back lines and the new pin strop system tidies things up in this area.

    At 4.2:1 the Blurr is classed has a high aspect ratio design and after having a go with a pure race kite and struggling with my skills I was worried the Blurr would take time to master. However launching is easy and push pull steering is light, it accelerates across the window very quickly, but turns easily that pretty much anyone with the grasp of the basics could fly it. The Blurr comes with a triple A bridle adjuster which changes the angle of attack the kite is set at in flight, 90% of the time its set in the normal position with setting it to a low angle in higher winds, maybe with more experience will experiment more, its all easily explained within the instructions.

    Last used at Ainsdale in clean 15-18mph wind where is sat unwavering at the zenith with no tension on the back lines required and sat at the edge of the window without collapsing. The blurr generates real sling shot acceleration out the turns and with a few sine waves quicky builds up power very fast or it will park and ride just fine. It screams up wind and down wind it maintains good line tension in manner you might expect from a fatter kite. It accelerates quickly from a standing start ideal for pulling out of soft sand. Despite these characteristics it can be flown soft and docile with the right handling, all feels very flexfoil. On this day with its light direct handling and stable nature my 13 year old son 50 kg flew it with no problems.

    In more gusty winds though found the Blurr more of a handful and struggled to keep it up turbulence maybe it need a kiter who understands it more? Also flying in less than perfect winds, turns in the buggy can cause the Blurr to deflate and then reinflate close in on the power window, which can be nasty. Also noticed in low winds the performance of the Blurr soon falls off it does need a few knots more.

    The Blurr will pull you considerably faster than any beginner four line kite but in nice clean winds it comes with massive stability and a forgiving flying nature. If you what to step it up, but not to race kite territory, the Blurr is a smart place to start looking.

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