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    Eolo Radsail Pro

    Well, got the kite out of the bag today, just arrived, and I must say a neat bag, webbing/netting in the bottom to let sand out, air in.

    Instructions with it were for the Radsail series and with nothing about the the pro series. Usual handles and 110/60 kg lines, both of which I'll change soon, but this is my only gripe!

    The kite is bright and I mean BRIGHT, orange, grey and black.(not bright black by the way). Lines and handles attached... the kite sits lovely on the ground, then Wham! in about an 8mph wind I'm scudding with this kite and its got power. Not too much but enough.

    The kite turns nicely and is fairly fast through the air and Ive got to admit looks nice flying. Flies to the window and doesn't luff, sits in the zenith and doesnt over fly. This is yet, as I've only flown it for a couple of hours so I'll wait and see.

    Bridles are slightly wierd but work well and Ive got to say I love this kite! I even considered selling my 5.5 buster and buying another one. Well done Andy Preston, but you wouldnt expect anything less from this man. On the downside ....shame its called a radsail....I think this will effect sales.

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