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    Eolo Eolo Radsail

    At first I was not sure what this kite was going to be like (hell, it's just under £130 for a 3.0m ready to fly!). I got the kite out of the bag and thought "looks quite good", it has a similar build quality to that of the Libre Boras. The kite is not made of Chikara like most other traction kites, but is instead made of 42g Polyester. The bridle arangement was a little bit fiddly to sort out due to the fact that the Eolo can be flown on 2 or 4 lines. After about 5 minutes it was ready for its maiden test flight. We had 12 - 19 MPH winds and wow did the kite pull!!!!

    1.8m (2 line only), 2.4m and 3.0m (2 line or 4 line). Larger sizes expected in the next 6 months or so.

    Recreational Flying
    If you are just starting out in 4 line traction kites this would be great for you, as it is inexpensive and easy to fly.

    The Eolo seems to have some uplift, but not enough to inspire me to attempt superman jumps. However it might not help with the fact that I am 16 stone (And it is only a 3.0m!). lol.

    Wow, this kite really does pull like a train in winds of 13 - 20 MPH! So much so that this was the ONLY kite I used for buggying throughout the test day! The kite was fast through the sky and as it has little lift, I had no problems buggying with it. In fact I really enjoyed buggying with it!

    A very good kite for the money, and a great place to start if you want to get into 4 line traction kiting. Also this is a good kite to have for buggying in the higher wind ranges. Let's just say I will be adding one of these Eolo's to my kite collection when they are released at the begining of Feb 2002.

    By : Ostin Elkins

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