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    Eolo Radsail Pro

    Just upgraded from 3m to 5m having learnt digging up the beach and dryboarding (exit) with radsail last summer and been impressed by it not only by it's value for money.

    Ye...ye...the man at the local shop (Radsail-it must be like a Skoda!) and the net forum keep saying "u get what u pay 4". The longer-than-me-serving flexifoil folks at the local beach however were pretty impressed by the feel of the materials, the feel in the air, the design and colours and more so by the bucks I spent on it having auctioned it from ab-shop on ebay.de.

    Very stable everywhere in the window and I mean everywhere unlike a Buster5.5 tried recently and had to send that one back as couldnt get to grips with it at all-but was probably faulty somehow unfortunately (still waiting for feedback from PKD on if it was my fault or the kite's).

    The pull is absolutely thrilling and I find there is a good deal of lift as well in the right winds (Im 90kg) which others haven't found so much on reading their reviews. Yes, as with the handles of the earlier non-Pro versions, they could do with upggrading since the black plastic lids come off easily and the so exposed rim of the alloy tops hurt the thumbs well. So flexifoil handles got flown in by Santa and the kite didnt mind them at all.

    Sorry, static, disagree with your view on the radsail name - rather like a brit view on unfamiliar names. Radsail is well established on the continent (.de .dk .nl) where Flexifoil is less well known...but then this is an opinion forum...

    Nothing to report on the downside so far.. Declared conflict of interest : none (truely!)

    Yeeepeeeh - Safe'nHappyFlying!

    By : uwontcme...

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