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    Eolo Eolo Radsail

    After much swearing cursing and hanging around waiting for winter gales to drop off , it became clear that i could cut down on this frustration by getting a sub 2m foil at least allowing me to get out on those insanely windy days.

    The radsail 1.8 usually comes as a dual line , however it is available as a quad line these are very hard to find though. the quad line version comes bundled with a quad line set and a pair of aluminium handles , the quality of both leaves a lot to be desired , this didnt really bother me however as i intended to use the kite on a bar with my existing lines , the supplied lines would never have held up to the winds i wanted to use it in anyway.

    The kite seems very heavy for its size as it is made from polyester , this however has its advantages , making the kite very rigid and totally bomb proof . i have had this kite out in various different conditions , but will need at least 20-25mph just to produce any power at all , above 25-30mph hovever i realise why i bought this kite , it pulls like a train in these conditions and despite its small size and insane speed through the window remains quite flyable , i have been mountainboarding with it from 25mph for a gentle cruise all the way up to 45mph which can get quite scary as you can pick up speed much faster than you would expect with a kite this size.

    It has a moderate aspect ratio and despite its size remains quite stable in high winds unlike some sub 2m kites. Probably a good thing but this kite produces virtually zero lift anywhere in the window , it is also quite easy on the launches as it really has to be turning to produce a decent pull , that is the trick with this kite , once you have it up to speed it will just pull harder with every turn you throw at it , alowing you to rapidly build up speed , be warned though swinging this kite in the opposite direction will not loft you or even stop you , you will just have to ride the speed out with the kite behind you and then begin working it to start to move in the opposite direction.

    The only drawback being as the windspeed increases so does the speed of the kite, you have to keep an eye on it or it could bite you very quickly and very hard in higher winds it is for this reason i have put it in the advanced category , it is just so fast that a small error could leave you with a mouth full of dirt before you even realise you made the error !

    i would have to say for a sub £75 kite you couldn't possibly do any better than this , it is predictable flys with a constant speed , and i have had no problems with it over flying the window even in 45mph winds!

    i would recommend this to anyone who like me just cant have another wash out weekend due to no or too much wind , at least this little baby cuts down on 50% of the right off weekends and it does it very well .

    By : Lofty

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