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    Eolo Eolo Radsail

    My firend and I both bought these kites as an affordable way to get into kiting and i was very impressed with the construction and of course the price, which still seems to be coming down!

    I have now been flying this kite for over a year and although i am thinking of upgrading just after i buy a new mountain board i will keep this kite for boarding as in the right winds it it plenty for pulling. I have found in the right conditions of suitable uplift i can jump over 5ft high with this kite but this is in pretty high winds and i am just over 11 stone. It has a tendency to drop you quite quickly so be prepared to land as i have smacked my ankles quite viciously in the past.

    It performs well in the air, is fast and pulls very well, in blustery conditions it is 'fun' to control and will pump up your forearms like balloons!

    I have only every flown this as a 4 line kite for the control and it is on the original lines. It has stood up to multiple crashes (i have sky jousted my firends Radsail on many an occasion when bored) through trees and along the sand although i am quite careful, i have lent it to other friends who are less so, it has minimal fraying of edges but all in all is in superb condition, it gets flown very regularly but my friends kite has suffered more wear and tear, he is a bit more hard wearing a kiter!

    I have had enormous fun with this kite, standing up and getting dragged along the wet grass at silly speeds, it's quite easy to keep it in the wind window when being dragged along and i can now set it up alone quite easily.

    Great kite for learning with and keeping as a nice, responsive 3m puller!

    By : Dan Wright

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