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    Peter Lynn CQUAD

    A c-quad is a single skin kite desinged for power and upwind ability. The control is a little hard but is worth mastering. packing away relies on you coiling it into a small circle and putting it into a bag. not easy...

    I bought a c-quad 4.2 two year ago and I havent regretted it since (well, apart from trying to pack it away in 20mph+ winds). It is a great kite thogh a little difficult to fly and I have learnt lots from it. If you can fly a c-quad, anything else is easy. Recently, getting bored of the handles, I tried to find a bar. the onbly bar I could get was a peter lynne de-power bar designed for the arcs.

    I have to remain hooked on which is a bit dodgy. I tried it out on a gusty 15mph day and was astounded at how twitchy it was (as if it could get any more hard) I then fell over off my mountain board and hurt my self badly. I opted to keep this set up. It is great fun in smooth winds where I can just cruise with one or no hands. When moving, the control moves from the brakes to the front lines and (I sometimes have to pull on one with my hand to get it to fly up the window when im moving).

    the kite is horrible in gusts and becomes uncontrollably twitchy and constantly overshoots. I would recomend using the bar only in steady winds where overpowering is unlikely. all in all, this kite is a pain in the arse when you are cold wet and miserabel and it has gusted all day and you cant pack it up because it has broken the leading edge spar, though on warm smooth summer days it is still my favorite kite.

    they offer very good value and would suit the intermediate kiter with a small budget who wants to get into buggying or land boarding. as a water kite it is too dated to be used for kitesurfing.

    By : Rory Scammell

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