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    Flexifoil Flexifoil Bullet

    I first saw kite landboarding at the bristol kite festival and decided to buy a kite. After asking around various shops I bought bullet 2.5m.

    I went for this kite because the PKD Buster, the best cheap kite, costs 130 + 10 for some kite killers (I strongly recomend these as they have saved me a few times).

    The 2.5m bullet costs 170, only 30 more, but it comes with kitekillers, dyneema lines, a decent bag. the handles are really comfy and the kite developes more than enough power.

    The first time I flew the kite was in 15 mph winds. The left lines were a couple of inches too long which resulted in me getting dragged over the whole beach. The next tme I flew the kite was in 5-10 mph winds. This was really good fun and I got the hang of steering.

    The kite behaves well and it is not too much of an effort to steer, take-off or land. it also goes very far round the wind window. After a few more goes I can now jump about 4-5 feet in a decent wind. You do have to pull on the brake lines for the best power

    I think the bullet is a very good value for money kite that is easy to learn on and will last a long time. It would also suit more expierienced flyers as well.

    By : drum boy

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    All Bullets are designed to pull, a job they do excellently. The 2.5 may be a relatively small kite but it still generates massive amounts of traction... the damage to my knee proves that! This kite goes everywhere with me, its sooo much fun. But don't underestimate this kite, it can really bite!

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    I agree. Ive had a 2.5 Bullet for over a year now. It was a great first kite that I still fly on handles and a bar. THIS IS THE PERFECT FIRST KITE and with Flexifoils free repair for one month, what more could you ask for. I still fly this kite when the wind is howling so you will not outgrow it. I do however need a bigger kite now. What shall I go and buy???.

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    Must agree with you all . the bullet is a very good all round. as we know you can do any thing with it. Thats why i own the 2.5 3.5 5.5 i love it for buggying. Being mad in the head ive just fetched the same kites but they 05. try the new ones they are even better.take it from me i always use the bullet

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