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  1. Kites used, 3.5m Pansh Adam, 3m Pansh Blaze and 4.7m Pansh Flux Buck Lake Alberta, -25c, good wind and sunny https://vimeo.com/57009050
  2. Mick will be around shortly, drop your shorts and get it stiff for him....fpmsl
  3. Mick, we dealing here with grown men who have Stars Wars figurines in their bedrooms...it's a lost cause dude....stick to tits and pussy!
  4. was that a scrap heap challenge build, Im sure Ted is ashamed of it.... buy this leg end of a buggy form this dodgy sandbag filling race cheater
  5. Kiteboyza


    dick, mick in da box...dirty boy
  6. wtf, I dont know about it nor have i seen star wars You not alone mick
  7. lol, my 4 year old laptop runs it smooth as
  8. currently 96 CAN cents a litre so 62 pence a litre
  9. and this is why the UK is broke....pmsl
  10. Yep, nanowebs thin coating extra light on my acoustics and D'Addario on electrics.
  11. hahahahah, Andrewjohnnie is fast becoming Cock of the year 2012....lol, Mick will have to give it up!
  12. Kiteboyza

    Lady boys

    put him in a skirt and shave his legs...good to go
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