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  1. This is a Cavaliers du Ciel STX 2.1 standard, made in France, in very good condition. It has 6mm leading edge and upper spreader spars, P200 spine, and Avia G-Force lower spreaders. The STX series of kites were very popular on the competition circuit in the earlier 2000s. There is a small cut near the upper spreader rub patch; the cut has been patched neatly with clear tape, see photo. There is also some staining on the Icarex in places, most noticeable on the white panels. The outer standoff fittings have punched through the mylar reinforcement, which seems to be typical of these kites.
  2. Yes, the front of the kite has the logo printing on the left-hand side, and the internet tells me that the verticals go on the rear. To make that work, you'll need to twist the fittings up and over the leading edge, which seems a bit awkward, but apparently that's by design. You'll also notice that when the verticals are on the rear, the bridle extends out from the attachment points more clearly. Re: the flying side of things, my experience with Revs in general is limited to a few 20 minute sessions over the years. Two thoughts though -- the Supersonic series is made for high winds, so tr
  3. I am certainly no Rev expert, but I followed the advice here - (https://www.revkites.net/forum/topic/5416-supersonic-strut-placement/ -- and this is what I came up with. It seems a bit unnatural to twist the LE-side fittings around the back, but apparently it's intentional to give the sail some billow. I also discovered in the bag there is a spare centre LE rod (with both ferrules), and a spare vertical rod. I held the assembled kite up to a bright window to show some areas of wear where the sail has been folded. There are some tiny bright spots which suggests light coming through, but mo
  4. I'll try to get a few more photos today -- the bag, lines and handles, and of the kite with the vertical spars fitted to the rear of the sail. Stay tuned...
  5. Hi all, I realise my post count is non-existent, but I recently signed up again after many years of being away from the forum. @.Joel and @nigel will certainly remember me from years of being part of the Moran Reserve crew in Elwood/St Kilda. This is a Revolution Supersonic that comes with lines and handles. The kite is in excellent condition, looks rarely flown, and the mylar is still very flat and crispy. The handles are the original Shockwave handles which have a longer throw than the standard ones. This kite was part of a batch of gear that was passed onto me from an interstate f
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