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    Bush walking gardening family. Want to fly before I die - got a few miles on the clock. Jumps in dunes

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  1. Hi twojaythommo. Is the blur still available?
  2. ?Yes indeed Mez. Soz can't make Kingston Werk busy here . If you guys be in st Helens next year most definitely. Will post an attempt at bug vid shortly. Barn and I were thinking mast on bug be good
  3. Thanks Joel 2.5 exactly what us beginners in the roaring 40s need.what lines and bars? Do you have two 2.5s?
  4. Hi Joel. What size are the NASA's? Crickey the quiver is breeding. I'm interested in trying them maybe on shorter lines with buggy. Thanks Alison
  5. Hi john. Yes I am in Tas. St Helens 7216. Wonderful this will be my first depower kite. My number is 0448717655. Thankyou
  6. Hi john. Have just bought your ozone methods from Dougie. Excited! I'd like to buy the 4m access too if it is still available?
  7. Hi Joel. Surely I must have missed the buggies n NASA's? October 2019
  8. Hi Doug. Alison re the buggy. I want it. I can't post private msg. Not enough posts apparently.my no. Is 0448717655 if U would ring me pls

  9. Hey mfwetu & jeffnyc Thanx mfwetu for heads up with the access on gumtree. I would buy it but can't at Mo - expensive land rover rebuild! Thanx too jeffnyc - I had never heard of auto Zenith - will keep the Phantom & granny wheels in mind. Is very encouraging to know other middle aged + people are into kiting- some try to tell me I'm too old. NOT YET?
  10. Thanks everyone. Your advice is helping me heaps. I won't try to jump or buy a bigger kite till I get lessons and heaps more experience with the 1.6 & 3m.hear u about using slower larger kite's in lighter wind rather than hectic smaller kites in higher wind. See why people have multiple kites. I'm very interested in how others began- what size kites and what conveyance?
  11. Hi BobM Thanks I didn't mention in last Post that I'd like to jump eventually-hence the keen 8m question.guess if I have to ask a beginner question like that-im not ready for a bigger kite & will definitely not rush into buying one. Hmm yes... reaction time with safety releases & harnesses.... And yes I have yet to make the great leap forward from wrestling with static flying . Going to try scudding on the beach with the 3m hornet with handles next-then the board... learn to roll before I try to fly. Hope not boring everyone with these learner questions- but your answers n YouTube have been invaluable to me n I go learn now better educated n safer. Cheers all.
  12. Thanx so much for your help guys-you treasures of info n encouragement! Am aware of the absolute importance of judging wind speeds- have some sailing experience- but thankyou for safety watch. Thanx for Taskite heads up too. More Q pls- would sand dunes b too hard on a lei- crashes n marram grass- sharp tips? And my next kite- after lessons. Been learning with 1.6m & 3 M fixed bridle kites- do u think an 8 M depower medium AR kite would b too great a leap in size? Have bought a mountain board; not thinking of getting in the water yet... I weigh 55 kg . Am very safety conscious- need to grow some balls if anything. What kite's did u progress thru & what do u fly now? Thinking of buying a P.L. crossover Bar n harness to make the hornet easier to learn to landboard with- what u reckon? ( i Realize it doesn't depower the kite). Keep having fun guys?
  13. Hi Nigel Thankyou u just taught me lots Took me a while to reply coz I'm a 53yo newbie to the internet too. N a slow letter writer Blown away by the difference in power n size between depower n fixed bridle of similar AR -thats huge! I understand not to try to jump with a kite less than 5+M - would that be a fixed bridle size? Thanks for safety advice tho always I do need to try depower kites- I will get lessons in Hobart. Do this properly I'm based around St Helens N.E. Tas. Top spot. Plenty of places to Play Great advice. I'll keep practicing with the tea towel n the hornet n book lessons. Don't know bout my land board idea- buggy looks good... Go well with the hornet too
  14. Hi guys great forum I am stoked to b here amongst people who know their stuff coz I am a newbie. I aspire to jump in sand dunes n mountain board on the beach. I have been learning with an ozone 1.6m trainer and recently a p Lynn 3m hornet which I scared my newbie self with lots power. So I have a question please, about depower kites- how much of a kite's power is lost when u sheet right out? They look so manageable compared to a fixed line kite? I Think I want one thanx
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