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    Northern Kites Australia got a reaction from Mfwetu in Kite Regrets   
    HQ Neo II 11m. More like an 8m gutless piece of &^%#&^%#&^%. No upwind ability. Hardly any power. Trashed it. Kept the bar and lines though.
    Ozone Octane 4m on fixed 4-line bar. Oh that was the kite from hell. Only tried it on land, but has no tolerance for gusts, which is a bad combo. Kept lofting me. Crash landed more than I can imagine, but heck... I learnt landboarding with her. I hope the guy in Adelaide that bought it is still alive.
    And yess.... the one and only.... Peter Lynn WaterFoil - urrghhh... I shudder even now thinking about it. Got this for free from Jon. Great kite in the right hands. I changed it to a have a basic mixer with both B and C lines off the one pulley. It "worked"... well it had some depower. But I think the campher was too curved and she pulled like a truck! So much power for such a small little kite. Could not dive it. It spun around on the spot! Forget kite control. This thing was built to control, chew and later kill you. Had some great moments on water though. Funny, but on water it was fine. 18knots and I was boosting nicely, but had some great back slides down the park. Great depower though - once you can reach the QR whilst being churned like a dry piece of turd down a hilly road!! Sold it to a guy that I warned in NSW hunter region, about it. I tried to reach out and see if the kite was to his expectations. No reply!
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    Northern Kites Australia got a reaction from .Joel in FLYSURFER Soul bridle pulley lines   
    I've used the Ronstan Shock Blocks on my foil kites. They work fine. The coloring wears away, but the alloy itself is quite solid. Rinse and dry after use, to avoid corrosion. They come in two sizes. The larger 16mm version is just a few grams more than the smaller one. Well worth as pulley replacements.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel in 3D Printed board parts   
    Just as an FYI it's @Spike J that created the Revos, a while back he offered the cad files.  I've sent a PM asking if they can be uploaded to the Downloads section, hopefully a copy of the PM lands in his email after all these years  
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to bakersdozen in 3D Printed board parts   
    Excellent that sounds very promising, dude. 
    I'm not entirely sure the model of Revo trucks I'm running but they're not the P shape mount ones. I've got them inverted to lower my board centre of gravity. 

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to Pari in 3D Printed board parts   
    Another UPDATE:
    I re-did the CAD for the wheel based on what I saw from the break on the first test run and Looking at a cross section on the screen. The chamfer on the rim inside the spokes was making the rim area quite thin, so gone are the chamfers, and I added more thickness to the rim wall and printed with 100% infill.
    I did get to machine my alloy parts for the trucks, and the trucks put together look sick, I’m very happy. 
    I dug out my alloy rims from a project I started years ago and am in contact with an anodising place to see how much it’ll cost to get everything anodised. If it’s going to cost a lot I’ll probably just put a clear coat on them to help prevent corrosion from the sea.
    Now for some more test runs.

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to Pari in 3D Printed board parts   
    I got a half decent session in this morning, about 10 knots and a beautiful large flat area to kite, with the tide out, down the bottom end of Kingscliff. Twenty minutes kiting with jumps and power slides. The last power slide smashed the rim off.
    Interestingly this is the rim that I had previously broken by bouncing it of the concrete floor just to see what would happen- of course it broke a bit of the rim off, DOH! I hid this on the inside of the tire. When I looked at the break and the pieces I can see it broke across there because I sanded the sharp break and there is a distinct line across the the middle of that sanded area. Also I'd forgotten that I'd printed these both with only 20% infill, meaning there is a couple of perimeters and a criss cross lattice of only one extruded width of the filament. With the Revo trucks they are 100% infill, solid pieces of plastic. So I think a re-print of these wheels with 100% infill and avoid bouncing them of the concrete might do the trick. I think it's a Cyber Truck Syndrome thing- hitting it with a sledge hammer then wondering why the bloody glass breaks!

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to Pari in 3D Printed board parts   
    Yeah, "old School" test pilot is more my thing. I got a nose bleed just reading the stress analysis procedure. There is info on line, one guy in particular, who has a YouTube channel called CNC kitchen, his approach is all stress analysis and various material properties etc. of 3D printed parts.
    But I spent last night putting together my current board, the crap one I've been using for the last couple of years since my Revo elastomers failed and I went to my skate trucks board. I cleaned it all up, put the new tires and tubes on, and put the two prototypes of the printed wheels on. When I blowing the tires up at the garage the inflator went up to 18psi and then back down to the desired 7psi- so far so good, nothing popped!
    Then I took the board to the beach today desperate enough to try and kite in what must have been about 7 knots. I got about 50 meters of kiting in then gave up, not enough wind to keep going, but a win all the same, no cracks so far, looking good.
    As for the previous alloy wheel project from a few years ago- I always intended to make a full set, even have the Carbon Fiber tube for the middle. But I sold the little machine I did that first couple on and haven't really felt that this new machine would be any good for alloy- It's a good machine for wood which is what I do lots of, but I had to cut some 'T' slot on it recently and the finish was crap, to much slop I guess in the gantry.
    The beauty with the 3D printer is it's just so damn easy, were as milling is messy and takes a lot of working out of the tool paths, two sided machining which means jigs blah blah. The printer- do the CAD, export the file to a SD card, put it in the printer, load the spool, hit go and come back in a few hours. I love it, no mess, no noise, no waste.
    Plus it's a new toy, so I'm like "what can I make with this thing".
    I will be cutting alloy sides for the 3D printed Revo housings and the strap/washers were they are bolted to the board (yes, I had the same idea- great minds and all that), but they are just simple profile cuts and a bit of drill so the edge finish can be cleaned up if it's shitty. I also got my hands on the nylon needed to cut the slider parts the axle is guided through.
    It might be while before I get back to this thread with the Revo board all updated so apologies - I'm at the start of my new business and this is a fun project but no a priority.

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to Pari in 3D Printed board parts   
    During this COVID lock down and losing employment because of it I decide I liked being home and it was time to start my own business. I bought a 3D printer to help with design projects- prototypes etc.
    It’s been fun trying stuff out, and I’m going to see if I can rebuild my old Revo truck board using printed parts.
    I’ve designed the main truck housing to use tradition skate truck hole setup as the original Revos have a specific setup which means drilling into your board.
    I’ve printed this first test setup with PETG, which it the same plastic used in plastic drink bottles. So I’m hoping they will be less prone to shatter and may have a little flex. 
    I also printed the bushings using TPU filament, not an easy thing to get right, damn stuff just wants to keep clogging up the extruder. But I managed to get two pairs done and they are a perfect fit, if a little stiffer than I want at shore 30D.
    I’m no plastics expert, so I don’t know what to expect when I try them out. The wheels may break as soon as I start kiting, the truck housing could just shatter on my first turn- no idea.
    But I’ve got new tires and tubes, will re- laminate my favourite board, probably treat myself to some new bindings and see if I can make it work.

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to RedSky in bladder for North Rhino II kite size 18   
    Don't be ashamed. Here is my attempt at a repair. If I were you I would send the Rhino off for professional repair or try your hand with those aftermarket bladders.
    I've used a similar bladder company, I think it was U-Stick. You have to position and stick the new valves on yourself, but it was easy enough. 

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to nigel in Need a favor - Covid19 Melboune   
    Melbourne, Victoria, one of the best cities to live in the world..........well Covid likes it alot!
    But Karen doesn't like being told what to do.  NSFW!!
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to andy666 in Need a favor - Covid19 Melboune   
    @nigel, our restrictions in qld never seemed as bad as what you are having in Victoria. And I imagine that in northern qld the “restrictions” were almost none existent, so asking someone to pick up a kite was pretty reasonable. 
    Unfortunately what is normal every day for some areas of Australia is not for others ?
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to nigel in Need a favor - Covid19 Melboune   
    Well I didn't see you offer to pay my $1600 fine if I got stopped by the police for picking up a kite.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to andy666 in Peter Lynn zipper replacement mod   
    I had a zipper on my 16m venom 2 give up on me last week. Bloody frustrating, as it was the inflate zipper and I was about to launch ?. The slide was so worn out that it won’t close the teeth anymore.
    anyway, I have fitted new waterproof zips to an arc before, but they can be a bit expensive and hard to find. So I thought it was a good chance to test out a Velcro alternative.
    its basically just a short sock and Velcro opening similar to the deflates in the flysurfer kites. 
    the Velcro valves work quite well. I inflated the kite and slowly opened the Velcro. No air was escaping until it opened far enough to for the end of the sock to open.
    Sorry, no pictures before they got sewn in. But a few pointers I worked out for anyone wanting to do this mod.

    -Make the sock width about 50mm more then the zipper opening in the kite.
    - place sticky ripstop inside the kite where the zipper stitching was removed.
    - measure from the opening in the kite to the cell wall, subtract 1cm. This is how long the sock needs to be.
    -sew the sock in the direction you would use it to inflate the kite (pointing towards the centre)
    - sew a deflate valve into the trailing edge to replace the deflate zipper. 

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    Northern Kites Australia got a reaction from andy666 in eBay & Gumtree Finds   
    Now this is a "buggy"! wow
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to bull31 in eBay & Gumtree Finds   
    Yep that sure is mine.  Jenny sold hers to Andy at Australia Day fly. I haven't used mine a lot in the last few years and after a small stroke early Jan thought it wise to down size a few toys and give me more room in the shed now that we are semi permanent living here in Kingston SE. Cheers to everyone in these strange times.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to Tiger37 in Ozone Chrono 15m Kite - SOLD   
    Yes it’s still for sale. 
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to Tiger37 in Ozone Chrono 15m Kite - SOLD   
    Bump and price reduction! Make me a sensible offer!
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to jhn.holgate in Vmax and 6m Peak 2   
    $450 each or $995 for both.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to 123matt in Land paddle boarding ( land SUP)   
    If I had time to prototype I being making a paddle with spring loaded section, like a suspension bike seat post. Compresses when pushed down at the front of the board and then gives you a spring assisted push as you roll past the center of effort. 
  20. Haha
    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel in eBay & Gumtree Finds   
    He was never a fan, just a chameleon in pansh clothing.
    Flexi Buggy & Kites $550 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yanchep/surfing/kite-surfing-powerkite-kite-buggy-flexifoil/1236679218 
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to arturo in COATING YOUR KITE..   
    we do quite often down here.. 8 part of turp and  1 part of silicon..my old twinskin come new again and waterproof... i think  the treatment lasts about 3 months..
    the bad point is the time to spray or brush the liquid..imagine to do it on big kites...like chargher 19, speed21 etc
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to andy666 in Hmmm. How do you guys go?   
    Yeah, I buy cheap shitty kites ?
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel in Bye Dad.   
    Sometimes things just don't go to plan...
    Jim Theodorakopoulos
    26/09/1963 - 10/11/2018



    My Dad's battle with cancer is now over, but the memories he left behind are not. For nearly 15 years he'd come to our Sandy Point meets and lend a hand, a lot of people here will remember him from the XK Meets where he'd come setup the Gyros and cook. Dad's first passion was Fishing, he'd always pack his rods then comment that I would "find the windiest blown out places on the face of the earth."  So eventually he put the rods away, bought a Kite Buggy and packed that instead.  Once his kite control and confidence grew, so did the blind optimism that despite whatever the forecast said it was going to be a good day's kiting and we should go!  I'll miss him, our family will miss him, and his grand daughter who grew exceptionally close to him the last six months will really miss him.  
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to arturo in Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120   
    i'm myself an arc adict..
    i'm desperately looking for a vortex 14m  which I cannot find anywhere . can anyone help me?
    would it be possible to be made from scratch..?
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to arturo in Land paddle boarding ( land SUP)   
    very good.. I do the same on a dirtsurf  on flat land..hoping it will help me on a Hidrofoil..
    at the end of the stick  i  folded  mountain bike tire ..it seems to resist longer than other stuff.
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