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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Born-Kite Longstar2 Winner   
    The winner of the Born-Kite Longstar2 2016/17 Competition is........  @Darren Tibbey!
    Congratulations and welldone, throughout the competition you created some really good and engaging contributions and discussions that landed this result.  In second place to Darren was @andy666 who also generated some engaging contributions.  An Extreme Kites Buggy T-Shirt will be on its way to you  
    Once again thanks to Born-Kite for supplying the prize, you can visit their website at http://www.born-kite.de 
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Videography 2016/17 Season   
    Last season two of my passions intersected, flying drones and flying kites.  I love power kites and i've been flying them for over 10 years now, however drones are a recent passion in the last 3 years that i've picked up and started to enjoy.  I used to call them multi-rotors, but the mainstream public's declaration of calling them drones has now washed off on me.  During our Kingston trip I finally had the opportunity to really intersect the two passions, and this year i'm hoping to take things a little further with my video production.
    To start with i've purchased some Joby Gorillapods, and these things are really versatile.  I was planning to review them, however I dislike unboxing reviews as they really don't prove much going down the path in terms of use for a product like a gorillapod.  So i'll come back to reviewing them after i've had the opportunity to really use them.  Initial thoughts however is that the large Gorillapod SLR-Zoom is a tank, it's solid.  The Gorilapod magnetic, feels a bit like a fragile toy.  The Joby ballhead feels solid, I would of liked a secondary type of safety on it in case it releases, however I'll just wrap the neckstrap around the legs for now.

    Something else I picked up was the Pico Dolly, now this thing for product video etc is amazing.  It's also incredibly amazing as a slider cam when you can't be bothered hauling a full 1.5M slider and setting it up on two tripods.  All you need is a smooth surface, a walking path, a car bonnet, hard packed sand, anything that you can smoothly roll the wheels over and produce a cinematic sliding effect.

    So the collection from last season has grown a bit, and here it is below.  
    I'm considering a DJI Osmo Mobile to use with the iPhone7 Plus, and a couple of additional SJCam's to mount on to people at the Extreme Kites meets.

    PS: If you didn't see my video from last year here it is, I've refined a lot of techniques and learnt some new angles and ideas since then I hope to be able to reproduce in the next event video.
    Thanks for reading, hit that like button if you enjoyed this blog entry so I know to add more!  
    Comment below if you think you would like me to create a couple of tutorials the gear, settings and how i use it for different results.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, My Latest Mystery Box!   
    There's been some amazing prices on second hand gear in Australia, and indeed globally the past year.  Last August I managed to pickup a pristine condition Peter Lynn nGen here in Australia that had been flown less than 6 times since its original purchase.  So this has continued to me nearly finishing my complete set of Flexifoil Blade MK1's, and the Flexifoil Blade 4.9 in every edition from MK1 to MK5  
    So continuing this nostalgic trend, a few weeks back a Blade MK1 7.2M appeared on a local classifieds site, as part of a collection of old kites.  Sensing that the individual selling the gear didn't want to separate as they were cheap already I sent a message saying I would take the lot, despite only really wanting the Flexfoil Blade MK1.  I paid for the kites, he dropped them off to @Jason at BrisKites for me who bundled them up and shipped them to me here in Melbourne, Australia.  What can I say, he's a nice bloke that runs that kite shop despite the shit I give him on the forum 
    So the mystery box of kites arrived, and here's what was in it... if you have any idea what years each kite was released feel free to throw that in the comment below 
    Flexifoil Blade MK1, the kite I originally was chasing from the collection.

    Peter Lynn Waterfoil 3.6M

    Peter Lynn Arc 1120

    Peter Lynn Guerilla II 15M Arc

    The next time @nigel and I get out for a photo day I'll take some photos of them all flying  
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to BigE for a blog entry, Ribs the start   
    Starting with my printed out plans, and the bit's I need to do the ribs:
    New material laid out and weighted down to keep it taught.  Steady hand and a bit of patience to trace the plans on to the material:

    One side done ready to cut out:

    Now to repeat for the other side and all the ribs are ready to be worked on.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to BigE for a blog entry, A New Year .... a New Build   
    As some of you will already know I build my own kites, starting from simple one colour NasaParaWings (which started life with NASA as a re-entry chute) to the new breed of single skin kites which have their roots in the paragliding world.  I've had a long spell from kiting (well for me @ 6months). After building three new style kites 12m, 7m and a 5m which I call the "Hammers", why? Because of the punch they deliver, don't get me wrong they are not snatchy, they are very smooth and progressive.  After spending a lot of time trying to push the limits of NPWs I could not get the window of a foil, that said what I did have was a quiver of very usable and unique kites that I used religiously and enjoyed every minute. Then an internet search lead me to someone who was building single skin paragliders and offered the design software free on-line, the seed was sewn could that be used as a basis for a traction kite?  I jumped in feet first and went for a whooping 12m2 which flew straight off the sewing machine. The 7m and 5m soon followed with changes to wing shape and AR.  The build for this type of kite is much more than the NPW and means I need to amass more brownie points before a build
    So my plans for the new year is a 3m2 AR6 fixed bridle, plans are printed out, colours decided, now to check out what needs ordering.  I reckon it'll take @7.5m x 1.5m of material and 48m of bridle lines, estimate of time @92hrs

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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, The Path Ahead...   
    Welcome back, it's been years.... 
    Presently the GKC in a caretaker role, the most recent recorded meeting of the GKC was late 2014 and a brief followup during March 2015 to touch base on the present situation.  The aim for 2016 is to finalise the club's position, bring forward all current and outstanding paperwork, present a public record of accounts, publish past meeting minutes directly to this page and digitise as much as possible of the club's history to keep for future posterity.
    Meetings over the past 18 months from a group of past members viewed that this continued to be the best way forward in anticipation to see the direction of land kiting in the state.  In the event we see grown over the next 12 to 24 months then the move to rebrand and move forward with the new club honoured, in the event that numbers aren't sufficient a move to deregister the club and present a vote to the final year's members on what path to dispose of the club's financials and physical assets would be made.   Goshen ex-committee member attempted to circumvent the vote of the group in a letter effectively attempting to wind up the club, the committee needs to discuss the contents of this letter then release correspondence. 
    Photos of past GKC Fly Days have started appearing in the "Events" gallery.
    The present caretaker committee is made up of @nigel President, @The Duke Treasurer, @.Joel Secretary.
    Please use the comments sections on these Entries to discuss.
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    Northern Kites Australia reacted to roblukin for a blog entry, Heading South   
    Its that time of year again when i have to leave paradise and start moving down the coast. Before i left we had another week camping at Archers point up near Cooktown. It was a great way to end the season up here, we had super low tides and some really good wind as well. Its really warming up now and theres talk of crocs being quite bad around cooktown, we didnt see any but the ranger saw one at Archers point while we were there. 
    Im currently in Yeppoon and have been for about a week, its been a bit quiet here but now we've got a few days of 20+ knots directly onshore.Thursday I had my 7m Ikon kite up and I think i was a bit overpowered, whenever i tried to pull the bar in even a little bit I just went sideways. I still managed to reach 68 kmh..
    Friday was great, it was 20-25 knots most of the day. My 5m kite went flat on me so I was forced to use my baby kite ( 4m Air Rush DNA), I did a couple of runs down to the point. I used to think it was a long way to the point but when your doing 70 kmh the whole time its a very quick run!Ive put my sysmic midi-xls on the back of my Peter Lynn and it feels like a new buggy, no more shacking the buggy to pieces when its over 60 kmh, its amazing what a difference straight wheels make.
    Today was more of the same, it was probably my best day kiting while ive been here. I think ive had my fix now and the wind is easing off tomorrow so its time to move on..
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