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  1. Very unusual power kite. Anyone know some history here? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2760168684303501/
  2. I've used the Ronstan Shock Blocks on my foil kites. They work fine. The coloring wears away, but the alloy itself is quite solid. Rinse and dry after use, to avoid corrosion. They come in two sizes. The larger 16mm version is just a few grams more than the smaller one. Well worth as pulley replacements.
  3. HQ Neo II 11m. More like an 8m gutless piece of &^%#&^%#&^%. No upwind ability. Hardly any power. Trashed it. Kept the bar and lines though. Ozone Octane 4m on fixed 4-line bar. Oh that was the kite from hell. Only tried it on land, but has no tolerance for gusts, which is a bad combo. Kept lofting me. Crash landed more than I can imagine, but heck... I learnt landboarding with her. I hope the guy in Adelaide that bought it is still alive. And yess.... the one and only.... Peter Lynn WaterFoil - urrghhh... I shudder even now thinking about it. Got this for free from Jon.
  4. North transitioned to Dutone Flysurfer to Flewtone!? ?
  5. Actually, that was boring as hell. I thought something else was going to happen - like they caught a serious accident on their dashcam, or the guy rammed into the rear and smashed the front and windscreen?! I've had this done to me by VicRoads once along the Western Ring Rd in Melbourne, and it worked out well. Got pushed into the servo down the road. #meh
  6. Hey guys - I need a big Covid19 favor! Anyone here living near Sandringham, Brighton Beach, area in Melbourne? I need someone to pick up a kite for me, and to post it. Please PM for details. Thanks and much appreciate it.
  7. I just did this to my VII. Thanks Andy!
  8. Now this is a "buggy"! wow https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/townsville/other-sports-fitness/skytrek-powered-parachute-ppc/1248668905
  9. Damn! Can't help myself. I know it's not closed cell, but is this a depower kite?
  10. Since when did you not become a fan anymore? Each to their own of course.
  11. All the best Joel, to you and your family.
  12. My dad's still got my Phantom II 13m in Melbourne and won't send it up! Grrr at this rate, I might as well sell it.
  13. Very pricey option though re: stormsure. I can get a 1lt tub from the UK, but it's like over $250 plus postage! Ridiculous... and no I didn't expect it to be $2
  14. I've got a P2 12m (or maybe 13?), but I haven't tried it out yet as it's in Melbourne. Once I get it and if I ain't happy, I'll let you know. Could be weeks though. Or months. Sorry
  15. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Peter-Lynn-PLKB-Synergy-Kite/223649382060?hash=item34128abeac:m:mcHsKS1zqZfzMStvaW93XyA https://www.peterlynnkiteboarding.com/peter-lynn-synergy Single strut design this time. Very light compared to other brands and single-skin LEIs. I wonder if Helium will make it even lighter! ??
  16. I've been landboarding here in Townsville for a good 6 years now. We are fortunate to have good SE trade winds, and when it's like 18-25knots on the beach, it's a perfect 12-15knots on land near my local park. The one tip I can give you, as a beginner, is as soon as you dive and feel the pull of the kite, to always lean back and do a small little jump with your board attached (of course), and point it in the direction of the kite's downward stroke. Otherwise the kite will yank you off the board and possibly injure yourself. I found this lengthy video very good. But ple
  17. Question (nice write up by the way), GONG kites as you know have a single strut by way of a flattened flex-pole, that the kiter simply slides into a "middle pocket" and this keeps the kite more rigid and reduces flutter. No need to pump a strut bladder. I think they have other models with the same concept but with more re-inforcing :struts" along the canopy of the kite. The only inflatable part is the leading edge. No valves too of course which is great. It was a common feature in older C kites (slingshot, naish). There must be a reason why the modern bladder solution took over, and it's
  18. Thanks @andy666. Just wanted to clarify. So you've done this obviously. Did you push out all of the silicone from the caulk bottle into a bucket and mixed it with turps? How did you go? What ratios did you use? What kites did you try it on? Please share.
  19. What silicone sealant would you recommend Terry? Like would this work? It's already to spray and it's water proof. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/3-in-one-silicone-spray---300g/135463.html
  20. LOL.. from what I've heard from "your" locals around Sandgate, I would say you're not far behind either. Besides - those videos are useless. Change the kite to an Ozone, or even a PANSH Aurora II and they too give you floaty landings and decent jumps. When are kiters going to stop this rort of buying expensive over-priced kit, when wind-is-wind and it all comes down to the pilot - not the kit (not as much anyway).
  21. Actually no. I did "have one" a while back as a loan from another local here. How can I say this... I didn't like it. It's a good kite, but for the price... again... meh.
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