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  1. very nice for the safety but it is suitable for self rescue in a ocean ? the idée is good i would like to have it on my close cell kites !!
  2.  30 to 25 knot best winter session 


  3. yes i try and the jumping ability is very good be sure your not falling like a rock ,landing is smooth and i give a 7.5 for the pop.the jumps are not long as a fs but is good and the drift is really good is't my biggest surprise (after a jump the A-15 never fold the kite flot and retake is position in the window) i hold it until max 20 knot and i'm going to use it on water next year
  4. i really don't know that it's my brother grass ski a use it like tree time and it's very fun but i make some research to find a use pair and it's very rare or i find brand new for 700$ you probably can't find a spare part but i'm not sure about the compagnie (rollka)
  5. http://www.extremekites.com.au/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16038 yes joel is on my profile check for A-15.mp4
  6. sorry for you but not in canada and to be very clear i made and use my one bar so it's probably a small set up to remove that back stall problem
  7. i'm from montreal canada for the wind range i can't tell you i try the kite only in very low wind and back stall is when you pull the bar and the kite stop going forward and start going backward when you go to panshkite you can change the us dollars for canadian or other countries (euro,russia,us,can,etc) all the fee or include in the final price and the shipping is worldwide free . i speak french to
  8. this is a raw clips with no music and max 4 knot i really want to make more clip but apparently is the raining season here A-15.mp4
  9. the A-15 is a total different kite it a kite you can trust is not deflating on the edge of the window and you can live it on the zenith a have the aurora 10m and the aurora is super fast on the window compared to the A-15 i will make a short video today
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