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    Mez reacted to igeighty in Tribe of Trilobites   
    the larger 36, which has a body about 5.5m wide by 6.5 long has a fair amount of pull, we generally anchor it down to the car with 1200 kg spectra. It is probably a little overkill however I generally do not fly it over 15 knots. Being so large it can fly in as low as 3-5 knots with no problems and is very floaty. 
    the little 3m guys do not have a very large lifting surface at all and can be flown on 120 pound spectra.
    the larger two 36 and 16 I generally launch with long line launch. Once they are in place and no children are hanging off the tails. The smaller ones can go up around and amongst them forming a swarm.
    they are very stable kites and self correct themselves in the sky by way of the huge long tentacles. Which act as rudders. They make very good lifters with plenty of stability to hang any kind of line laundry from them.

    pulling the big guys down is pretty simple. Just walking towards them along the lines. Once they are on the ground I flip the big girl on her back and she just sits there  

    my next trick will be to try and get them flying in a train. With the larger one as a pilot and the smaller ones acting more like line laundry.

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    Mez reacted to igeighty in Tribe of Trilobites   
    We have increased the trilobite family to 8 now. They are all white with red eyes. The new additions are a pair of small 3 m another 7m and a 10m
    The collection is now 3,3,3,7,7,10,16 and 36m The smaller 6 can effectively fly themselves tethered. But the larger 16 and 36 definitely need a minder
    i can’t get photos in the air just yet, but the day will come when we can get outside to fly again. 

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    Mez reacted to mik333 in Kingston 2021   
    Hi John. Van looks great and is the ideal choice for stable towing. Our Eco is a Dec 2010 build, number 546.
    We are just on pause, waiting for some virus respite. Need that vaccine ASAP. The only plus for us is the weather on the NSW east coast has been worse than ours. 

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    Mez reacted to Tiger37 in Kingston 2021   
    @jhn.holgate congratulations on the Eccotourer. Great van! When these restrictions lift hopefully we will see you out on the open road. Our van has only moved when we moved house since Feb when we had a week on the south coast after the fires. Just sitting there waiting to get away. 
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    Mez reacted to bull31 in Kingston 2021   
    Yep , Hi John, Lucy is married to a second cousin and only live a few kms from our farm but on VIC side and also have farm land in SA as do many farmers in this area . It has gone crazy with with people not being able to do shopping or go to doctors etc. They now have to travel a lot further into VIC to do these things. Jenny’s brother leases our farm and he also lives just over the border in VIC and he has to travel a lot further to go through border check points even though our farm and another of theirs is only a few kms down the road from them. Don’t know the answer to the issues but it’s not easy and there’s a lot of animosity to in the community at the moment with an us and them mentality which is crazy as they are family, friends and work colleagues of all of us.   
    we ourselves have sold our house in Bordertown and since mid March have lived mostly in Kingston with the occasional trip back to bordertown to get mail etc. and stay at the farm which is only a bit over a km from the border
    Stay safe everyone in these uncertain times and hope to see you all in January but is looking less and less unlikely. Here’s hoping ?.
    cheers Brenton 
    ps: nice van , I new you’d come over to the soft side soon.  Enjoy your travels in it.
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    Mez reacted to jhn.holgate in Kingston 2021   
    I was listening to the ABC radio the other day and Lucy Tink from Serviceton was talking about the debacle of the border closure for residents/farmers etc that have property both sides of the border.  Related to Jenny & @bull31 ?  Got the new van almost ready to go too.... @mik333 have you still got #456?  How are you finding it?  We're #458.

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    Mez reacted to Chook in Kingston 2021   
    Glad your still in the game @Tiger37 and more importantly doing well.
    Take care and would love to kite with you again one day.
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    Mez reacted to Tiger37 in Kingston 2021   
    Good to hear from you @Chook and to know you are safe and well. Yup I reckon international travel is off for a while - I was planning a return trip to UK next year but reckon that’s off. Looks like internal interstate travel will also be restricted for a while 
    Sold my Sysmic and quite a few kites. Now moved and settling into downsized house but still have my Peter Lyn F buggy, 2 kites, a harness and helmet.   ...... so! Take care over there in the Wild West.
    Good to hear from you @Chook and to know you are safe and well. Yup I reckon international travel is off for a while - I was planning a return trip to UK next year but reckon that’s off. Looks like internal interstate travel will also be restricted for a while.
    Sold my Sysmic and quite a few kites. Now moved and settling into downsized house but still have my Peter Lyn F buggy, 2 kites, a harness and helmet.   ...... so! Take care over there in the Wild West.
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    Mez reacted to Chook in Kingston 2021   
    At the end of last month I got the confirmation of my booking for the caravan cabin in Kingston SE.
    Not liking my chances of getting there now. Not that I want to go through our WA hard border. I have always loved the Nullabor and I like it EVEN MORE now it's keeping us safer.
    I still have $1,483 in credit with Virgin for my Yeppoon trip that didn't happen and I recon I've kissed that credit goodbye.
    Kingston is a bit too close to Sicktoria at the moment anyway.
    Anything that happens next year is a bonus I'd say.
    I'm only planning my international trip for 2022 at the moment with tongue in cheek.
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    Mez reacted to jhn.holgate in Kingston 2021   
    Wistfully thinking is about right!  Yep, me too.....if they let us out of Vic.
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    Mez reacted to BobM in Kingston 2021   
    Is anyone wistfully thinking about going to Kingston in 2021?
    I've had so many travel plans thwarted this year by the 'rona that I am looking at next year
    Hoping to get there (I found a route that does not go through Victoria)
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    Mez reacted to igeighty in Happy Birthday   
    I do not know how I missed this  thanks Mezz, Joel and Trevor.
    Thanks, I had a good day. drank some scotch. looked outside, ate some food.
    Reminds me of an old midnight oil lyric.
    'One more day of eating and sleeping'
    50 years ? far out I didn't think I would make 30

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    Mez got a reaction from igeighty in Happy Birthday   
    Happy Birthday @igeighty - Have a great day! 
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    Mez reacted to Chook in Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.   
    Hey a huge thankyou to Bernie in Yeppoon for sorting out the return of my kite gear. Cheers mate.
    AUS $126.00 is the cheapest It's ever been to post one way so well done Bernie. Is it ok for you to hang onto the other parcel/bar till next Easter Bernie? If not please give me a yell.
    I always post my box a month ahead to allow for any delays and it includes spares etc, ready for our annual months pilgrimage over Easter in Yeppoon.

    Then the world turned to shit and the wheels fell off with Covid 19.
    Boy have I missed catching up with everyone and the beaches. It's left a big hole in my yearly planning.
    I unpacked it straight away (when my wife picked it up from the post office today) and have put everything safely away.
    I try hard to keep the weight down to less than 20kgs.
    Included was my 19m2 ELF, 15m2 and my 7m2  R1's, all my 666 armour, Shin pads, Helmet, gloves, 2 white sports pressure T-shirts, 2 bars, spare lines, 3 soft kite dry bags, Peter lynn buggy dry bag (that I bought home to repair last year) , my kite repair kit with sticky-back ripstop in 6 colours, spare bridles, fids needles and speed-systems etc, full set of wheel and steering head bearings, grease, pliers and 2 pairs of sunnies. All fits into this box. The box is behind the orange R1. I enclose the contents within a double black "wheely bin" liner to protect it against moisture.
    This cardboard box has now been across Australia 16 times and there and back to New Zealand for the "Moose meet". I think most of the Christmas stamps have now fallen off the stickytape covering. The post office uses up all of the previous Chrissy stamps on my box to get rid of them.  

    Anyway is was with a sad heart I put my gear back unused. But the positive thing is I'm in fantastic health.
    Take care gang and keep safe.
    Catch you next year. (Yes I've already booked the unit for a month.)
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    Mez reacted to nigel in Greetings to the forum lurkers at Bicentennial Park today!   
    Decided to go out for a quick fly with the family today (as it's corona Kite fest weekend), and take some pics to add to the fun.
    But greeted with a buggy zipping around the field and a new kiter struggling with twisted lines.
    So a big Hello to the boys their today!!
    Don't be lurkers, say hello, post up a message, and we can include you in our events, or random banter.
    Plenty of old farts kiters here to help if you want it. Or even if you want a hand setting up a kite! 
    Hope to catch you both next time!!!
    And a pic of what I set up for the Corona Kite Fest.

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    Mez reacted to .Joel in Greetings to the forum lurkers at Bicentennial Park today!   
    That donut looking one, next time give it a squirt of hairspray inside and a match... you'll get the sprinkles right off the top  
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    Mez reacted to andy666 in Thinking of you all!   
    Well that’s all over my head. But I guess it’s been a lot of experience and learning to get to know what works. ?
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    Mez reacted to Chook in Thinking of you all!   
    Thanks Andy. I still have a bit to do to the sail as you can see there are a few wrinkles where I've flattened out the top 4 panels (tapered them in at the leech "trailing edge" along the batten pockets and restitched) so the top of the sail doesn't twist off as much but still has a slight belly at the 1/4 cord point when fully sheeted in at high speed. Got to take the luff pocket in a bit over winter and smooth out these wrinkles. It's a 7m2 sail and goes well. At 80kmh I can now throw out the sheet rope and it just sits there feathered with the wind. No shaking at all.
    Slowly getting there. Yesterday was a bit lighter wind and my adjustments on my 8.2m sail worked pretty well (65.7kmh) but needs more trailing edge tension. Unpicking the 5th batten today and I'll take it in another 12 mm at the back. (3rd time on this batten pocket but it's looking much better)
    All a good learning curve to get more stability at speed. I really enjoy tuning them to match the stiffer mast.
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    Mez reacted to andy666 in Thinking of you all!   
    Bloody nice looking setup @Chook
    It just looks like something that is made to go flat out.
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    Mez reacted to Chook in Thinking of you all!   
    Yeh sad to see. We have an emergency campground here the shire is servicing for those stranded with the lockdown of our shire. Police road blocks on all roads. Went past the campground yesterday when returning from our farm and the group were on the oval playing rugby together.
    All good here with no cases so far in around Esperance.

    I'm social distancing at our local Pink Lake.
    Getting out a bit too in great winds most afternoons for a quick run.

    Stay safe my friends and catch you after this mess is all done and dusted. Gunna be quite some time I'd say.
    Take care.
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    Mez reacted to KaoS in Thinking of you all!   
    Not sure why, but the SA government is still allowing quite a range of social activity (albeit with appropriate distancing).
    Having worked in public hospital biochemistry laboratories for 20 years, I'm probably a bit more cautious than Joe and Jenny Average.  But I am not convinced our government is being as responsible as it should be.
    ...AND there are plenty of morons out there who aren't even following the guidelines that are in place anyway ?
    Stay safe, everyone!
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    Mez got a reaction from KaoS in Thinking of you all!   
    Sorry @KaoS - I missed this post before posting my own "reach out" Hoping you and Mrs. Kaos are both well? 
    It seems as though your lockdowns are a little different than Victoria's, seeing some kite flying in SA obeying social distancing. Victorian police are fining anyone who shouldn't be out. Essential Shopping, Education/Work, Exercise and Medical are the only activities we are allowed to attend. Exercise....I wonder if taking Tula the 38 Trilobite out for a walk is classified exercise? 
    We're blessed with a big garden to keep us busy, but also blessed with the tall trees, so no garden flying. 
    Stay safe, be strong, and KEEP SMILING
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    Mez reacted to nigel in Thinking of you all!   
    Hi Kevin,
    We are all locked up and finding new things to do.
    The kids seem to be handling the virus shut down fine. Not sure how they will be in a few weeks time though?
    I've got plenty of kites and ground bouncers to make, let alone me grabbing a few plastic model kits from my mega stash.
    So I should be fine, it's how stir crazy the rest of the family will get!!
    Warmest wishes to you and Linda.
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    Mez reacted to KaoS in Thinking of you all!   
    I hope everyone is (and continues to be) fit and healthy, and coping.
    I suspect a major effect of the current situation will be a significant impact on people's emotional well-being, especially as it drags on.  Remember, we can all use forums to keep in touch, air our thoughts/worries, and offer each other support.
    Fingers crossed, we'll all be catching up in person sooner rather than later.  Kingston 2021 may end up being HUGE.
    Stay safe, and keep in touch
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    Mez reacted to nigel in Reaching out...   
    Hi All,
    Yes in lock down like the rest of Australia.
    My work is still running. 
    At work we have removed all the doors, so you don't have to touch them.
    The kitchen area is being cleaned every day.
    We are all self distancing (easy to do with only 15 people in a factory as big as a footy oval).
    So as long as we can continue, I am working.
    The issue might be America, as most of our production eventually ends up there.
    If they slow down a lot we might have to put the brakes on production, but that will be a few weeks yet before that happens.
    On the home front, my two monsters (7+5), seem to be taking the whole virus in their stride.
    We have not seen any one, except from across the street distance for the last 2 weeks.
    The issue is going to be how mental they get being couped up when the weather turns for the worse as we roll into Winter.
    I have a few kites and ground bouncers that I need to make, and I raided my mega stash of plastic model kits. So I could be making stuff for weeks (closer to months) on end, no problems. 
    Just like the rest of you, I too have cleaned the cars, and now am looking at doing a nice cut and polish on them.
    Stay safe and keep your distance. 
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