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    Amazing day, wind was blowing nicely with @nigel fully powered on a 10M Scorpion and my father on a 2.5M Star3.  The beach had been quite eroded and rough due to cross-shore winds creating large half-meter troughs running from the dunes to half way down the beach so it limited the amount of room to use.  However with a bit above 20 knots blowing @mezzararty assisted me in launching the Flysurfer Sonic-FR 9.0M, which I took for a run and achieved a bit over 80km/h.
    There was a stretch of beach about 2km long that I would consistently average over 80km/h, I found throughout the day the rest of the beach to be noticeably slower.  However this stretch produced consistent top and average speeds.

    Overall for my first fly of the Sonic-FR 9M in considerable winds I was impressed with the result, I've now removed the chicken loop to bring the kite in closer and re-center my mass in the buggy.  
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