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  1. When your the fastest blokart on the beach (because your the only one) makes me happy. 

  2. Here is some footage of my first try out on the beach with the blokart back in September 2014. I had bought it that afternoon and after a couple of hours sailing around the car park at Melton train Station, Doug offered to drive down to Sandy Point to give it a try before the sun set. This is the 4 meter sail, which came standard with the kart (and in red :dance3:) I haven't been out in it since January and can't wait to get back in the kart again, especially if its a beach ride.


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    2. Mez


      Tipped it a dozzy on the Wangaratta Airport Strip, ripped my left elbow to shreds, along with my 5.5m sail which I purchased not half an hour before (boo hoo) Got some good footage on the go-pro. Its on igeighty's you tube page :)

    3. Mez


      I take it thats the sort of tipping you meant Joel?

    4. .Joel


      It's when we sneak up behind you, and use our kite to just snag your mast enough to help you over.  But we're polite, it's custom to always give a friendly wave after tipping a blokart :P 

  3. Liking the new look to the forum !

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