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    igeighty got a reaction from Clive in 84.2   
    It was a hot day back in melbourne reaching 38'C. john sent a message to come to the beach.
    with Mez, Michael, Shane and John. low tide with a few puddles. very little seaweed. 
    and one of @Chook's 3.8 vapors. the wind was good and onshore.
    I know i have come to the party late with the vapor, but it feels like all of my practice has prepared me for these kites. the vapor in any size in its wind range is a very very nice kite. but when they get to the top of the limit, they can spank ya
    great kite to sine for acceleration, or park and brake for extra vrrrmmm.
    it feels like the landsegler beach wheels are true, with no wobble at all at speed. 
    i do find they lack the grip to stop me from getting pulled sideways. but there is a fine edge where you can get grip and speed while powered up.
    i know i said i didn't really want to be first australian GT to 100, but now i think about it, it is only a few k's to go ":) and this buggy feels straight and true, even when slopping over seaweed at speed.
    It will be interesting to see if i can close to these speeds on the kenda beach racers.
    Then a good feed at barwon heads pub.
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    igeighty got a reaction from Mez in 74.5   
    That is pretty quick !
    i have downhilled 70k on my skateboard, and i thought i was going to die.
    great speed, pretty kite too/..
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    igeighty got a reaction from gannet in 108   
    A machine built purely for speed. amazing effort!!
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    igeighty got a reaction from Chook in 108   
    A machine built purely for speed. amazing effort!!
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    igeighty reacted to roblukin in 89.8   
    Yes Doug. That's the one..
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    igeighty reacted to .Joel in 67.3   
    Andy, you're still missed buddy.  But your records and contribution to this community will never be forgotten.
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