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    Well I finally got around to taking the photo! I improved my top speed at Yeppoon also, now 58.4km/h. I was on my 4 Brooza II again in the home made bug.
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    I did this at Conway beach when I met up with Peter and the other Whitsunday guys (Cheers again for a great couple of days, Peter). 57.7k pretty poor really but ave no photo evidence of faster times.
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    This was part of my stay over Easter this year (2016) in Yeppoon Queensland.
    I live in Esperance on the SE coast of Western Australia and head over each Easter to buggy on Farnborough Beach.
    Using my Sysmic S2 on Midi XL's, I made my top speed 93.1 kmh (with 8 runs over 90kmh) fairly early on in the day (Nice 19-23knot SE winds) and made my best "non stop distance" at the same time.
    Without stopping I covered 362.9 kilometres as you can see in my log the same day.

    My total distance that I covered in the buggy while in Yeppoon this year was 3,385kms in 24 days. 
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    With building winds and setting sun we all had a blast with the best winds for the Yeppoon Extreme Easter Weekend event.
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    I was at Sloping main. That is about 100km from Hobart. Beach had just the width needed to go for it. At that speed with the 2m I was sort of in control. Still having issues with power sliding the 2m's are there is not the same sort of pull that the 4m has. Was a few moments where I was just about in a situation to change the undies but was not to bad. The wind picked up even more once I did that so put the kite down, had a beer and went back to a mates family's shack.

    Wind is starting calm down again so we are thinking about a static fly somewhere... maybe even with the rev's.
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    Wind got up to 30k
    Flying a 5m 08 Waroo
    Flexifoil buggy, Wide rear axle + buggy bag full of sand
    12 months to the DAY I have beaten my personal best ... from 76 kmh to 82 kmh ... Very Happy  but there is always another side to a coin yeah .... 76 to 82 over 12 months .... that means only 1 kmh improvment every 2 months :sorry:bugger ..... It's going to take till March 2012 till I catch Nigel ..... hmmmm .... I am sure I will come up with something

    Im after you Nigey wigey

    p.s. Peter .....
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    GPS Info

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    Some good winds between Christmas and New Year here in SEQ. Decided to dust the cobwebs off the buggy and get the bearings turning. 
    Running Sysmic 2 Buggy with Midi XL tyres.
    Kite- Ozone Edge V8 with 24m lines.
    Location - Skirmish Point Bribie Island (Beach)
    Read Blog Entry: http://www.extremekites.com.au/blogs/entry/218-104kph-buggy-speed/
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    Amazing day, wind was blowing nicely with @nigel fully powered on a 10M Scorpion and my father on a 2.5M Star3.  The beach had been quite eroded and rough due to cross-shore winds creating large half-meter troughs running from the dunes to half way down the beach so it limited the amount of room to use.  However with a bit above 20 knots blowing @mezzararty assisted me in launching the Flysurfer Sonic-FR 9.0M, which I took for a run and achieved a bit over 80km/h.
    There was a stretch of beach about 2km long that I would consistently average over 80km/h, I found throughout the day the rest of the beach to be noticeably slower.  However this stretch produced consistent top and average speeds.

    Overall for my first fly of the Sonic-FR 9M in considerable winds I was impressed with the result, I've now removed the chicken loop to bring the kite in closer and re-center my mass in the buggy.  
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