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    igeighty reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, World Records on Extreme Kites   
    Today, Extreme Kites releases a World Kite Records section that allows us to look at the past whilst stepping in to the future. 
    The new World Kiting Records section is fully uniform with drag & drop uploads for your GPS images and optional GPS data. It's fully searchable with a set of filters allowing you to really drill down in to the information that has set each record.  You can filter to find out whom the fastest pilots in your country are, perhaps you want to know what the top speed set on a GT-Race buggy is?  Even better, what about finding out the top speed set on Discs with a Peter Lynn Vapor?  All of this and more is either possible today, or within the next month as more information gets added to the database.
    Previously we've all been limited to records being maintained in Wiki's, Forum Threads and Personal Blogs.  The one thing that all of these inherited was that they are all up to an individual to maintain whether it was here in our Community or elsewhere.  Instead we've built a system so that there's a whole team from today and forever in to the future maintaining a database of peoples' personal achievements.  
    This is just the beginning, last year we went through a whole site redevelopment explaining after years we had to finally take two steps back to be able to move forwards and bring you the type of online experience we wanted.  We did this by launching the new website, then following on with sections like Blogs, Reviews etc.  The Kite Buggy Speed section is just the first, over the coming weeks we'll include more sections along with other kiting disciplines like Landboarding, Kiteboarding, Kite Skates and Snowkiting.  We aim over time, as a team to build the most comprehensive, searchable database of World Kiting Records available.
    Kind Regards,

    Joel T
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    igeighty reacted to BigE for a blog entry, First Flight   
    Weather not ideal, wind gusting 5 to @12mph. Lines on staked down and it looks... tiny in the field.

    Two things I've tried this time: 1 - higher AR, 2 - adjustable wing tips.
    How did it fly? It's feisty, from take-off went straight up to just short of the zenith, wind dropped right down and so did the kite, wing tips folded in and it slid out of the sky.  More wind and up it went again, it's fast through the window, really sensitive to input with either just handle or handle/brake.  Did a few figure eights and swooping, sent up to the top, right hand pull and in to a down turn, 3 o'clock the power's raising 4,5 its getting faster and piling the power on, by 7 I'm being pulled forward. Moved my hands under the power lines to keep a little brake tension.
    Issues at the moment: Wing tips, I'd kicked them back, but too much, I did shorten them whilst out but think they need more.
    Really pleased with the first flight, different kite altogether than the others, didn't overshoot, which surprised me, could be the wind or new location I'd tried, fast and more "snatchy" than the others, feels raw.
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    igeighty reacted to BigE for a blog entry, Phase 4 - Pause for thought   
    All brake bridles and secondary "A" bridles fitted, from this point I'll work my way across all the secondary bridles then build the main cascades up.
    Why "Pause for thought" I was thinking as a boy I loved making Airfix kits, tanks, planes and ships, Meccano was another favourite, are we slowly moving away from children making things? Everything today is so easy and electronic gizzmos galore, they don't have to think about much in terms of creating anything or working out how something works. I can see how skills from the past get lost and wonder how many skills "we" will loose.
    That said if you are inclined to "do-it-yourself" there are so many resources now on how to do almost anything, but that depends on whether you can be bothered to do it yourself and reap the reward of self satisfaction.
    Here is where I'm at, although this is the point I drive my wife mad, "but darling I have to keep it hung up" 
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    igeighty reacted to BigE for a blog entry, Phase 2 - The kite   
    Big smile time, for the white and red it's a matter of tracing the printouts (with the material stretched out) and cutting out, I don't hot-cut these as all the edges will be hemmed.  For the black, I cut around the printout, laid it on top of the material and traced around the edge.  So here we have one half of the wing laid out and the other side piled up ready.  I'd usually plough straight in to the construction now but..... I'm putting an appliqué design on.
    I've gone for a black design, firstly I made a template, stuck the paper printout on to card and cut it all out:

    Next job to trace on to the black material and hot cut it all out using my trusty gas soldering iron.
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    igeighty reacted to Bill for a blog entry, Making the videos   
    Here's the video making process!.......
    I start off by copying all my video files onto an external hard drive.  I have 10 files from the SJ 5000 cam (should have turned the image stabilization off as it hates being mounted to the buggy).  Joel very kindly has given me the drone files from the first few flights, so another 6 files from there.  15 .mov files from my SLR.  47 files from my hand held gopro and 42 files from the ION Air Pro mounted on the back of the buggy.
    Once that's copied over, I view them in Xilisoft Splitter and cut the bits I want for the videos.  Some for a Longstar Video, some for a Peak 2 video and some for an A & B Kingston Video.  I had decided earlier that I wanted a couple of Kingston videos - one with more time lapse sequences and some nice celitc music and the other a bit faster.  Another big time waster is I have to convert all the 2K drone files as my editor won't accept them.  So once I split the bits I want from the drone files, they have to be converted back to something my editor will accept.  (If I wasn't so scummy and updated my editor to the latest version then I wouldn't need to stuff around with the converter).
    About 4 or 5 hours gone so far.  Once I've got the split files I rename them all with things like 'A Joel funny dance' or B Doug behind claypan.  That way I know which video they're going into and what the content is.  I could do all this in the editor but then I'm dealing with large files with generic names and I get confused easily.
    Meanwhile I'm thinking about what shots I want in various places in the video and what bits I want to slo-mo.  Which is the next step - take all the long 20minute sunset or cloud files and speed them up in the editor.  I can only speed up to 10x so a 20minute sunset becomes a 2 minute file.  Still too long, so after rendering them, I re-import them into the editor and speed 'em up another 10x.  I'm going to try and keep most of the clips in the video to under 10 seconds each - probably more like 6 or 7 seconds.  Might depend a bit on the music.
    Thinking about the music, there's a track I did with Que Decree in the 80's - a very silly piece of writing set to some good tempo rock music.  Except I don't want the lyrics and I want to insert some slow bits into the music for the timelapse sequences.  So I will have to re-record that.  Which will involve programming the drums, then laying down the guitar, bass, keyboards then lead guitar in roughly that order.  The other Kingston vid I'd like to use a Cara Dillon track that I quite like.  The Peak and Longstar vids will get some tunes that I've already recorded.
    Next I will take all the 'A' videos and put them into the editor.  Working out the sequence is the tricky part.  Then putting the music in and moving/cutting the endings to match the beat.  Then I have to think about what titles/labels/names/descriptors to put in and how I want them to display.  After that, I'll hit 'render' and have a watch and see if I want to go back and re-do anything.  Things don't always turn out how I think they will and I'll often watch the vid and think 'meh, not what I'd hoped for'.  Occasionally it comes together well and I'm pleased.  Sometimes the music is all wrong and I have to go back and do a new soundtrack and re arrange clips to suit.
    I've just about got all my clips organized and ready to put into the editor.  With a bit of luck, some will start appearing in a few days time.....
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    igeighty reacted to Mez for a blog entry, Rev it up.....   
    Monday 18th January 2016
    Dougie @igeighty having fun with his 1997 Revolution II. One of his first kites - from brand new. Thank you to @KaoS for the spar replacement. Last flight for this one was 1998, it broke its spar when it fell from its display at home a few years back.

    John's turn....

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    igeighty reacted to the_hatman for a blog entry, is that a new kite   
    A couple or 3 weeks ago I came back to my place in Steiglitz after being away in Moorwell and had just finished emptying the car and started preparing some food for the ducklings,

    when I became aware of one hell of a lot of nosie coming from the direction of the afore mentioned. So I went to investigate the reason for the racket, from a distance I first thought (wishfully) that I'd got a new kite, but on closer inspection this is what I found.

    not a kite but a brown Goshawk, exactly where it shouldn't be, so I run of to get gloves, a sack and the camera. when I got back the hawk was trying to get dinner (duckling) but mum was keeping it at bay and drove the hawk away.

    The hawk went in for the kill again and this time mummy duck jumped on it forcing the hawk on to it's back locking as if it was playing dead, at which point I garbed the hawk and ejected it back to the wild.

    Final score hawk nil duck 11 (no casualtys)
    ps I was there and I don't believe it
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    igeighty reacted to BigE for a blog entry, A New Year .... a New Build   
    As some of you will already know I build my own kites, starting from simple one colour NasaParaWings (which started life with NASA as a re-entry chute) to the new breed of single skin kites which have their roots in the paragliding world.  I've had a long spell from kiting (well for me @ 6months). After building three new style kites 12m, 7m and a 5m which I call the "Hammers", why? Because of the punch they deliver, don't get me wrong they are not snatchy, they are very smooth and progressive.  After spending a lot of time trying to push the limits of NPWs I could not get the window of a foil, that said what I did have was a quiver of very usable and unique kites that I used religiously and enjoyed every minute. Then an internet search lead me to someone who was building single skin paragliders and offered the design software free on-line, the seed was sewn could that be used as a basis for a traction kite?  I jumped in feet first and went for a whooping 12m2 which flew straight off the sewing machine. The 7m and 5m soon followed with changes to wing shape and AR.  The build for this type of kite is much more than the NPW and means I need to amass more brownie points before a build
    So my plans for the new year is a 3m2 AR6 fixed bridle, plans are printed out, colours decided, now to check out what needs ordering.  I reckon it'll take @7.5m x 1.5m of material and 48m of bridle lines, estimate of time @92hrs

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    igeighty reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Code That Shits Me   
    <Rant Mode>
    I've been putting a new section together for Extreme Kites which I personally think is going to be another incredible resource over time, it'll be announced on the XK News Blog shortly.  I would have released it earlier but after getting it to about 90% ready for launch I did a "minor" update between versions on the website to apply some new patches.  Well it totally borked the new section, seeing as documentation is fucking scarce on some things finally today we had a break through!
    Worked fine on Monday....
    <section data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages' > {{$images = $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('gpsimgs', 'raw');}} {{$images = explode( ',', $images);}} {{foreach $images as $image}} {{$url = \IPS\File::get( 'cms_Records', $image )->url;}} <a class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image' href='$url' > <img src='$url' class='ipsImage ispImage_thumbnailed' alt='$url' style='max-height: 34px'/> </a> {{endforeach}} </section>
    Works fine on Thursday....
    <section data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages' > {{$images = $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('gpsimgs', 'raw');}} {{foreach $images as $image_url}} <a class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image' href='{$image_url}' > <img src='{$image_url}' class='ipsImage ispImage_thumbnailed' alt='$url' style='max-height: 34px'/> </a> {{endforeach}} </section>
    And for anyone that knows what the i'm ranting about above.... well you just worked out what the new section is as well   I'm heading for Kingston SE in 48 hours, so we'll see if I can get this completed before then otherwise it's something to do each night from the Cabin until it's finished.
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    igeighty reacted to Mez for a blog entry, Great Southern Land   
    For anyone who has ummed and arghed about making the trip to Kingston, no more excuses, it's bloody amazing here! The drive up from Victoria was a warm one, but the start of an adventure. Some amazing natural rock formations coming into S.A truly had the wow factor and it is amazing how different the landscape is. 
    Kingston, is a quiet little town, about 250kms south from Adelaide and is protected from the direct Southerly winds so the sea doesn't display the crashing waves like that at Sandy Point, but a gentle changing tide (I do miss the sound of the waves though) 
    We arrive Tuesday afternoon and set up camp at the Kingston Caravan Park, very clean and has running water by each site. We met up with John and Rob, and also meet Chook from WA for the first time. It feels as though we've know him for ages! Great company!
    The evening takes John, myself and Doug out onto the Clay Pan - wow what a place. I have never seen anything like it. 
    As far as the eye can see - a vast emptiness of flat surfaces, and a trusting wind (approx 15 knots from the South) With Doug flying his 4 meter Ozone Method. The sun sets on a perfect arrival day.

    Wednesday and we wake up early for as soon as the sun hits the tent (around 7am) it warmed up. We head over to the grass area out the front of the caravan park. Doug is first to put a kite in the air, a two line R-Sky, John puts up his Longstar on handles, and Chook displays a rather beastly looking Revoltion 4 line which takes a fancy to Rob's head. Rob plays with his Ikon 7 - as he feels it may have a puncher, turns out that he didn't secure a valve tight enough, as for me, I try the blokart with the 5.5 sail but with the light winds and the thick grass, I can not even get started. Doug had the idea to sail it up and down the pavement and has a ball until I demand it back. Yes it was fun! 
    In the afternoon, we head back over to the clay pan for a very windy session at 20 knots from the south-west. Doug puts up a 4 meter but soon feels over powered and changes to a 2.6 Peter Lynn Viper. Rob had his 7 meter Ikon up! He's a crazy bloke!  John flew one of his Nasa's and Chook flew his PL 5.2 Vapor. Anyway all going smoothly, John comes in, followed by Rob, then Doug but we loose Chook. After about 15 minutes, we still do not see Chooks kite in the air so Rob and I head out to look for him - in case he had OBE'd some where. We find him down the very end of the pan, trying to get his kite up - he'd been trying to relaunch after adjusting his new lines but the wind was that strong, his kite wouldn't behave. In the mean time, Rob gets into a sticky situation and bogs his van, so I help Chook get back in the air, so he can return back to base, get his patrol and come rescue us.....hang on, weren't we meant to be rescuing Chook? Anyway, thank you Chook and Doug (and Maggie too) for coming back to get us. It was threatening to rain and a few lightning bolts were spotted but fortunately it misses us (and hits Melbourne - check out the report of the the Spirit of Tasmania II ferry) It's been a long day and everyone sleeps well.
    Doug makes a comment that Rob's tracks will remain for thousands of years! John says he can still see tracks from last yearsbuggy run! 
    Thursday started off cloudy and a lot cooler than yesterday. We wait till the afternoon to fly as although cooler, the sun has a bite to it and you can feel the burn! Back down to the clay pan - the winds haven't been right for a beach session yet but in strength, they haven't been disappointing. Rob's happy as he picks up a new kite from the local post office - a new Ikon 3 meter inflatable. He's keen to get out and test it out. We head off late afternoon and I feel anxious from at the strength of the wind. I do not have a sail small enough to take the Blow-Fly out. John starts with the Nasa 2.5 but after a run up and down, comes in to down size. Rob tries out his new kite, shits a brick when he gets it up on two wheels and at one stage has the wheel about six foot off the ground.

    Doug flies his 2 meter Brooser but retires early after snapping his lines and Chook too suffers a severed line. The winds were forcast 23.4 knots - it was probably gusting 30-32 knots at times. Strong enough to blow Doug's GT Buggy a good 30 foot and park itself next to John's buggy. Everyone stayed within eye sight of one enough, sensible is such winds but funnily no one suggests this, it just happened that they all chose to keep close, after yesterday's events.
    Anyway, stop at Subway for dinner on the way back - and back to camp by 10:30. A cold night tonight so will need to rug up. Can't wait to see what adventures we be sort tomorrow at Kingston S.E!

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    igeighty reacted to roblukin for a blog entry, Sandy Point Again   
    I'm still in Melbourne, so another weekend at Sandy Point

    It looks like our new buggies might turn up soon, so I think I'm going to hang around for a while longer
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    igeighty reacted to roblukin for a blog entry, New Buggies   
    Our new GT Race buggies arrived The next week our, it feelt like xmas, Gotta love new toys! 4 of us imported them from the Netherlands, Joel, Nigel, Doug and myself. The other guys all got GT Rapide's while i got the slightly smaller GT Radical. We all got together for a bit of a BBQ and an assembly day.
    My buggy

    The other guys all have this buggy

    Heres a time lapse video of us assembling my buggy, you will want to flick through it cause it drags on a bit
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    igeighty reacted to roblukin for a blog entry, First Run With GT's   
    The following weekend we got out to sandy Point for our first run, 3 of the GT's got there toes wet, Nigel didn't make it because he had a problem with his tyres. We had really good wind on Saturday, Mary went up on the dunes with the windmeter and said it was 25-30 knots. I was only taking it easy so I could get a feel for the buggy and I still reached 68 kph. You don't even feel like your going fast and when you take the pressure off the footpegs the buggy just keeps on going straight. If I did that in my old buggy I would be all over the place. I also managed to get my bar caught through the steering line and pounded my kite into the ground, ripping it from top to bottom. Luckily it was my 4m Air Rush LEI which has been worn paper thin and was ready to die.
    On Sunday the wind the wind was a more onshore but only started out light, maybe 12-14 knots, by the time we packed up it was probably 18 knots. I had my 7m IKON Blind2 LEI and I could really feel the difference in pull, my front wheel was skidding all over the place because my hotwire was too far forward (I knew it would be), I'll have  to work on getting it further back without wrecking my nice new seat. So I tried with my harness, not a good idea, I felt like I was going to be pulled straight out of the buggy. My buggy has been made a bit large for me so I can easily get in and out and does not hold me in. The one thing I notied is that kites have way more power with something heavy to pull against. My heelstraps arent working for me yet either, one of my feet also slipped over the top of the footpeg at speed - lucky that the buggy wants to track straight.
    Its time for a bit of tweaking with the buggy and hopefully I can get another run in with the boys before I head home to Port Lincoln.
    My buggy is the white one, it looks small here but dont let the picture fool you, it is still a big heavy buggy

    We had a good long run, from the point of the inlet nearly to Waratah Bay

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    igeighty reacted to roblukin for a blog entry, We Fixed My Kite   
    @.Joel just helped me fix my kite that I ripped a couple weeks ago, the rip went the whole way through, from the leading edge all the way to the trailing edge. We used a product called Kite Aid (which Joel sells). Its amazing stuff, you just iron it on, wait 5 minutes and go kiting. There's no longer any need to mess around with sailmakers and expensive sewing repairs. Ive used it before on small rips but never on a tear this large, lets see how it holds up.

    Fingers crossed, Ill come back to this post when iv'e had a chance to fly it and let you know what happened.

    Had the kite up yesterday in 15-20 knots, just to test it out.
    Good news is that the repair worked great, it was rock solid! 

    The bad news was that I had the lines caught around the bar and punched the kite into the ground again, it blew out on the other side
    Conclusion:  - its getting too fragile and is no longer Rob proof. Time to retire the kite,  its fu%^&*d...
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    igeighty reacted to outlaw for a blog entry, Wrap Up   
    Mad Way Mongolia Wrap Up
    We have done almost twice the distance we set out to do and done about 1500km upwind, the route for the next trip will need to be longer and more ambitious. The wide open plains of the Eurasian steppes are great for high speed and long distance but I miss the challenge of crossing high mountain passes like we had on the 2014 trip.
    We spend 3 days in Holangol, its hard to stop after so many days of nomadic life. We are using our unloaded buggy's with the electric drive to get around town. We eventually pack up the buggy's and ship them to some friends in China for storage. We catch a train back to Beijing, Joe's off to Canada and im working in China for a few weeks.
    The buggy's have done over 5000km counting last years trip, the only trouble we have had is  worn out brake pads and some bent panniers. 
    The kites have taken a flogging, we ran out of repair tape long ago and they are covered in medical tape, we have broken many lines and bridles but they are still going strong.
    Kites used, most commonly used in blue-
    NASA para wings(npw model 21, 2 line)
    1 square meter x2
    1.5m x2
    Low aspect single skins made from modified Peter Lynn UniQ plans-
    High aspect single skins made from PL plans-
    4m x2
    Foil kites-
    4m ozone access 2010
    6m ozone access 2013
    4.9m PL reactor.
    We traveled 3693 km in 49 days
    We walked about 50km mostly to get to food or water
    We motored 15km
    Fastest speed 75kph using the 4m uniq
    Longest day 232 km
    We only had one day without wind.
    I would like to thank 2C for the handy solar powered light caps to use and give away. solarlightcap.com
    Bikelights for the powerful night lights. bikelights.co.nz
    Cactus Outdoor for the tough canvas thorn resistant supertrousers. cactusoutdoor
    Salcom technologies for the Inreach satellite communicator. salcom.co.nz
    Ashburton Powdercoating.
    Goods saddlery Ashburton for the seats.

    Heading to the pub.
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    igeighty reacted to the_hatman for a blog entry, the long way back   
    Chapter 1 history
    The first time I flew a two line kite I was about 16 or 17, my dad got a Peter Powell (a blue plastic diamond with an ally frame sprung at the tip) I flew it a few times but I had other more pressing things on my mined (motor bikes, boos and girls in that order). By the time I got to 18 I dropped the boos as the bike was now a T500 two stroke twin (about 120 125hph) and speed was king (I've never lost the love of bikes just too broken to ride any more).
    I then discovered caving and pot holes, becoming totally obsessed with it, to the point of missing out on the pub sessions, this worried some of the club member. the little hard core group managed to get to  places visited by only a very few people and on occasions going where no one had gone before. I even took up cave diving (not the type seen on TV the type you have to remove your gear under water to force your way through a squeeze and visibility was less than swimming in a week old pot off billy tea).
    This all stopped (the caving) when I moved from Yorkshire to Scotland the caves were just to far away (little did I know). I'd moved to Bridge of Don, Aberdeen and one day whilst riding my mt. bike  along the esplanade I spotted 3 guys flying kites, so I pulled over and went to chat, next thing I'm flying a kite (think it was ether a swallow tail or a phantom) instantly I was hooked, the next week I got a skynasour delta (the only thing available). The next time I went down to Yorkshire to visit the folks I popped in to Leeds corn exchange to visit Mark at Leading Edge Kites (home of Fizz and Tim Benson) and came away with a Phantom. From then on more kites came in the mail, visited more shops and started to go to festivals (average 850miles,1300k round trip) and at my first festival I picked up my first buggy.
    next instalment may include fling to Wildwood NY USA visits to Oz, love, moving to Oz, marriage, kids and disaster
    or it may be a load of old toss. But eventually it will get to flying.
    may your winds blow freely
    and in the words of Mel I am not a number BBC 065
    Add for my first kite
    Chapter 2 Flying high
    So now I’m going to as many kite festivals as I can 2 or 3 a month and in Aberdeen the days are long in the summer so I fly after work and am oft seen riding the mountain bike with the front wheel of my buggy strapped on the rack and several bags of kites strapped in the buggy. It took me a long while to get round to buying a car (don’t like cars or lamingtons)and just use a hire car on the weekends I travelled down south or share a car. My girlfriend at the time reckoned she was a kite widow and this was wears than being a golf widow. I was having a great time and getting pretty good but the long winters where starting to drag, work was getting harder as a contract designer in the oil industry I was working about 6 months a year but getting more cash than when I was staff, the hours where interfering with my flying time (about 10 to 14hrs a day some times more)(that’s the work not flying time).
    Then bad new hit, nephew had incurable leukaemia, my brother and family had migrated to Australia a few years back and shortly after discover the leukaemia and went through all the treatments. So I went to my boss explained the situation to him and since we were in a lull between the sales proposal and getting the order I got 3 weeks of and flew out to Perth. Over the next 6 months to see him. It was during the first of these trips that I met Neil Taylor and after meeting only ones or twice I was looking after his shop so he could go to an Indonesian kite festival.
    I loved it in Oz so much I sold my flat in Aberdeen put all my furniture in storage and spent a year out hear toward the end of my year I met a young French women how I later visited in Sydney during The FOW 1996 we met up later before my visa ran out and I had to go back to the UK where I was offered a job working the kite festivals (a dream come true). But after a visit from Muriel (I’d learnt her name now) over new years and visiting her family in France plans changed and we got married on the 4th of July (dependents day) 98 and lived in Sydney where we had our  first baby on Friday the 13th May 99 moving to Perth 6 months later, as you may imagine my flying days started to diminish and by the time we had our second December 2001 it had just about gone. But that’s OK life goes on and as they grow I can teach them, that plan went wrong as I had my own personal 9-11 but in 2002
    next instalment may include details of disaster and may be some flying may your winds blow freely
    may your kite not touch the ground till you won’t it to
    and in the words of Mel I am not a number BBC 065

    Chapter III
    I was living in the suburbs of Perth a place called Yangebup and riding home on my GSXR 750 after a 10hr day grinding chamfers with a 9” angle grinder thinking has Osama bin Laden given us an anniversary present, when a guy in a Land Curser Ute pulled out in front of me. I reckoned I had no time to brake so I tried to go around and missed. I clipped the bull bar getting my left arm between it and the front of the ute, having remodel my arm I continued along the bull bar till my knee contacted a shovel tied there(the surgeon later told me he’d put his hand in). I then proceeded to slide along the road where I lay for what seemed like hours listening to the sirens of the ambulance that had taken the wrong exit off the freeway. In E R I finally got to look at my arm and it looked like I’d no forearm, just elbow then hand to which I said “looks like that my sex life don for a while”. The Doctors were so busy with my arm that it didn’t come to their attention till 3 day later that my hand was broken. Then followed 6 months of therapy several operations on my hand and arm and after nine months I’d had enough the pain killers wern.t working I was bored out of my skull. So I went back to work armed with a fist full of pain killers and another full of ant-depressants, my work station supplied by the Australian Rehabilitation Service, as a structural drats man. Now as you can imagine the combination of pain medication (supplemented with over the counter pain killers) and ant-depressants had something of a soporific effect and to counter this I consumed 6 or 7 coffees with 6 shots each. After a while I was taken for my review and told my work was suffering, I decided to stop the medication( 1 the pain killers seemed to have little effect 2 I was depressed because I was in pain and my life was really shit(these being facts and not imagined, depression was the correct reaction to the situation)( at a latter review I was told I was a lot more productive but a lot less funny)can’t win em all.
    Kite flying went out the window and if I saw kites in the sky it would bring me to tears, it was not till 2009 that I got over this and then another 3 years till I could fly for more than An hour, now I’m doing well if I keep at it for 3 hours.
    Now a days I’ve learnt to keep the pain at bay by mental effort, and adrenaline works well, the price for the metal effort is I can no longer read books and find it very had to concentrate for long (which is why this is in chapters)
    So said I leave you with the wish your kites fly well and the sun stays behind you.

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    igeighty reacted to the_hatman for a blog entry, Low wind no wind   
    OK so my son Axel has started exams so I got to go fly as I waited for him.
    place Belmont rec.res.- wind almost - kites Mitzel lite,Raven, 12m zip tip Peel and Dharma
    first the wind

    By crushing a chunk of dry grass to a fine powder from 1.5m up the finer bits drifted about 400-500mm so about bugger all gusting to minus bugger all wind direction west = or - 180o
    first out of the bag was the Mitzel lite I can't imagine the UL version of this

    made of one peas of icarex with a bit of reinforcing mostly icarex

    this kite originally had a 4-4.5mm carbon tube frame but I found far to flexible so I beefed it up using P2 graphite (probably about the same weight as the fittings are bigger , this thing flys well at this wind wind speed up to about walking speed(sornter) at a fast walk (2 1/2-3 1/2mph) it start to make a lot of noise and is out of it's comfort zone.
    this thing is just chill on strings it will trick a bit but you have to allow lots of room as it's so lazy but 360 are less than a breeze with it. a nice kite but very limited, surprisingly absolute shit indoors.
    Next of the block the raven

    this kite has amazed me,it flys in almost nothing and keeps going up the wind till about 15mph, made in rip-stop nylon with a 5.5mm carbon frame tricks very OK for a 20 year old kite,bout this one as it's the same profile as one i ordered custom made from the same guy (Edd Shanks) cost $90 US and is the best value kite I've ever owned. I give this kite to beginners as it's slow and rugged, I fly it my self as it's awesome in light winds dos lots of tricks a 360 is a breeze, what can I say this kite will get fixed for ever or till I can get an other.
    And on the next day the wind was whistling (some wear ells) but there was was a bit more draft so here is some footage of two Tim Benson kites the Outer Space and the Phantom Ellette. well soon
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    igeighty reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Why GT-Race?   
    There's been a lot of attention lately towards GT-Race buggies in Australia and I'm unashamedly responsible.  Earlier this year @nigel and I discussed to great length and in detail finally making our move towards owning the best production race buggies available.   Our decision came about by the competitive blood between us when we're out kiting together, it's nearly a diagnosable medical condition and something that we've enjoyed for over 10 years together.  
    Back in July our original plan was to order the XXTreme Apexx, a buggy we've seen first hand up close when @domenic first purchased his in 2008.  We put up a discussion in the Buy & Sell on Extreme Kites to also feel if anyone else was interested, the end result was @igeighty was also showing interest.  With three confirmed individuals I approached XXTreme in the Netherlands with our intent on purchasing three Apexx buggies and having them shipped to Australia. Without creating undesired consequences of sharing our unfavourable experience lets just say that communication during this process was incredibly poor.
    Delays in communication mean idle fingers wander, and wander they did stumbling upon GT-Race's website.  We took a closer look at the information available online, then spoke with two GT-Race owners (one being in Mark Van den Berg the Dutch National Champion) and then finally approached @GT-Race (Martin Faber) directly.  From the outset Martin's communication pre-order was amazing in the speed of which he delivered answers to our questions, the manner in which he fielded our questions and overall the secure atmosphere he created surrounding the purchase by never leaving any query unanswered.  
    After a week of comparison, reading, searching, discussing with pilots of both buggies the three of us decided that the logical choice in this situation was the GT-Race Rapide.  If the Apexx was the gold standard in 2008 the Rapide presented as years of evolution on this original idea.  On the surface areas of difference which we felt drew us closer to the Rapide were features such as the integrated backrest, fork lock and flat foot plates.  However when going further in to detail we felt the way the headstock connected to the downtube and facilitated the mudguard was a better solution, also the rear axle joint system made for quicker assembly and disassembly.  Beyond that we liked little changes like how Martin had stepped the downtube welds and used 20mm head stock bolts that counter-sunk in to the fork.  Overall the three of us felt that whilst the Apex was an incredible buggy the Rapide was just that few steps ahead having continued to evolve in increments.  
    With our decision made we approached Martin and placed the order, however we were surprised to note that the Rapide ++ was due for release and that we would be in the first 10 built to receive the ++ version.  In short, the ++ version brings together Martin's extensive build experience on the FL, refines it and makes further evolves the manufacturing process to produce a better finished product.  It's not so much an evolution in features as it is an evolution in Martin's manufacturing process.
    With this in place and Martin now building 3 custom Rapide ++ buggies for us @roblukin stepped in to the mix.  Originally his plan was to order an Outlaw from Peter Lynn New Zealand, however again you would have more success trying to arrange your affairs through two paper cups and a piece of string than any other form of communication.  So again we turned to Martin and explained Rob's personal situation, his strengths and weaknesses regarding his physical condition and physical disabilities he has to manage as part of his buggying process.  Virtually instantly Martin stepped it up a gear, and then the goal to manufacture a modified GT-Race Radical for Rob became the goal.  There was some considerable discussion, about cutting some weight from the buggy, changing slightly part of the materials used and the manufacturing using those changed specifications.  Over the course of a week everything was discussed and a 4th Buggy was ordered.
    GT-Race's strength isn't only about producing the highest quality, most technically advanced production buggies.  GT-Race's strength is also the personalised customer service that Martin Faber spends each weeknight providing and each weekend turning orders in to fulfilment.  Presently there are 4 GT-Race buggies being manufactured, assembled, checked over and packed to make their way to Australia.  
    Kite Buggying in Australia is back on a growth trajectory since we launched the new Extreme Kites website in June this year, GT-Race is going to be front and centre of many Australian achievements going forward.
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