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    bakersdozen reacted to wannabeeflying1600949552 in Flexifoil Super 10   
    Hi I have read your rview on the Super 10. And I can understand your disappointment as this kind of kite pertains to the "power kites" category and not "traction kites", so I believe it won't suit for landborading or bugying. If you want to be tracted you should buy something like bullets, blades or sabres in the flexi range or other makes. There are many of them on the market with different price ranges. In the meanwhile, you have aquired with the super 10 some basic skills for flying traction kites. Cheers.
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    bakersdozen reacted to RaceKites in Ozone Fury 2M   
    Great article and good to see a different approach to a review. You win a smiley face !! Looking forward to reading more...
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    bakersdozen reacted to andy666 in Flexifoil Modified Jump Buggy   
    It looks very nice. 
    I have also seen the front fork braced too. 
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    bakersdozen reacted to .Joel in Flexifoil Modified Jump Buggy   
    @andy666 time to upgrade your bug  
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