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  1. On 11/29/2020 at 7:38 PM, Pari said:

    I've just seen a FS Pulse 5m on Seabreeze. I've shot them an email to see if they'll sell it on it's own as it's advertised with a Peak 3 12m. Does anyone have any experience with a little Pulse like this, I'm thinking as a high wind wave kite!

    Hi mate, I've only flown a 7m Pulse and it was heaps good fun. Stable, heaps of power, good lift and felt super safe overall. If it's in good condition I think you will have a ball mate. It really just did what it was told and delivered well.

  2. 9 hours ago, timG said:

    So it has happened, my old wooden scrub board has snapped and I need to replace the deck. I'm looking at a Trampa deck as I've heard that they are pretty good but am just checking what is around and what I should be looking for so have a couple of questions. my knowledge on what makes a good deck is fairly limited to making sure it is strong enough to not snap and making sure it doesn't weigh a tonne.

    Are there any other UK or can deliver to the UK manufacturers who make carbon fibre boards apart from Trampa?

    I wand a replacement deck with maximum pop for getting air, should I be looking at a stiffer board or a more flexible board.

    I'm using 9.5mm skate trucks, I was planning to just put them on a new deck. While channel trucks are stronger and more stable for high speed, they are much heavier. Are they popular with kite landboarding or are they just too heavy?

    Hi @timG

    Sorry to hear you've snapped your board, mate. Trampa decks have a good reputation for kite landboarding and maybe the only option still available for you in the UK, as most of the other manufacturers are now not producing carbon decks anymore. For maximum pop, you'd want a flexible deck - but the great thing about Trampa is that they can customise a deck based on your weight and preferences. This will ensure that you will get enough pop, without snapping the deck - obviously all based on your weight. Shoot them an email with your preferences and your weight and they will come back to you with a ply recommendation.

    In relation to channel trucks, they are great as you said for being stable at a higher speed. It all comes down to your preference of riding. If you do more freestyle riding where you want good airtime and want to be doing tricks etc. then keeping the weight down with skate trucks are the way to go. However if you are more into speed runs and cruising, then channel trucks win there. They really aren't that heavy if you want a good combination of cruising and freestyle - you can still jump with them no problems. It really just boils down to preferences, there is definitely no right or wrong. There are plenty of people who kite landlord with channel/matrix style trucks.

    Keep us updated on what you end up with and share your experiences and good luck.

  3. 8 hours ago, Pari said:

    Just a posting question.

    How do you refer to another member and get that highlighted, example - @Pari or @membersname?

    @Pari if you just type in the " @ " and then wait for a bit and type in the first few letters of the member you want to tag - the forum should automatically start to find those usernames. Depending on what device you are using - it may be slightly different behavior. Let us know if it works for you.

  4. 21 hours ago, Renato Borowski Filho said:

    Good morning everyone. I gave up on the wheelchair tires and ended up finding the 2.50-4 tire in my city for an excellent price, the rim I can print on my 3D printer using ABS plastic and the truck I also found for a price I can afford. Would that be a good set?


    Truck Eixo Skate Montainboard Completo Par + Brinde Drop

    Please see if you can post those pictures in a format we can see - we can help you better that way. Sounds like a good plan. Just ensure that your bearings will be able to fit both your rims and your trucks both ways. Sounds like good progress !!

  5. 55 minutes ago, Renato Borowski Filho said:

    I'm lost on measures. I see a lot of tires for carveboard but i don't know if they would work for landboarding. I don't know which one I could use to start with anymore.

    Have a look here mate;


  6. 4 hours ago, Renato Borowski Filho said:

    Good morning everyone. I want to ride a skateboard to practice with my NASA kite. I'm having trouble finding my own skate and when I think the prices are high and I can't. I found a set of wheels to sell in my country at a price I can afford. I wonder if it would be possible for me to practice with these wheels in the measurements of the photo. The tires are not inflatable and according to the manufacturer they can handle about 120kg, they are for wheelchairs. The place I will use is hard earth, mixed with grass, gravel and loose sand. Currently I have tried to use a longboard skateboard with tractor wheels, but their diameter is 10cm by about 6cm in width and ends up locking a lot on the ground.


    Hi Renato,

    You don't want to use these tyres to kite with. They are filled with foam and therefore have no give in them for different surfaces. You will slide across the grass and dig into the gravel/sand. If you want to consider using granny wheels,  I would save for a landboard with suitable trucks and appropriate sized axles to install pump up tyres onto. You will be much better off and glad you made the effort.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story @Bommi ! Have you tried to reach out to Trampa and tell them what you are trying to achieve? Based on your weight and preferences, they may be able to customise a board for you ie. ply layers and drill patterns etc. The Holypro 35° you tried may have been a 17ply (maximum stiffness and weight), so it still may suit you in a lighter ply. Also to cut some weight off, you can trim the board down - there are heaps of posts on here about people doing that in the past. Failing that, you can always look into DIY - @plummet on here made his own carbon fibre board some years back.

  8. 7 hours ago, Bommi said:

    Good evening

    I am looking for a new light freestyle landboard deck. CKB and X-Shape are not producing anymore. Does anybody know another vendor?

    Thanks for your answer :)


    Hi Henrik, and welcome to Extreme Kites. Where are you from and what is your story?

    Have you tried for anything suitable from Trampa? They have a small, but customisable, selection for kiteboard specific decks;


  9. 16 hours ago, Pari said:

    You should get yourself some black granny tires to complete the coolness factor.

    This is the Aliexpress place. You get tire and tubes so it works out a good deal. But if you order more than two at a time you get stung for a lot of postage, but up to two and postage is cheap.


    Dude, where's the fun in buying them?? Your supposed to bowl over old grannies and pinch them, while they are down 😝 ..or did @plummet teach me the wrong way?

  10. Here's mine.

    Started life as a GI Flight Lite. 


    Then velcro bindings, revos and granny wheels were added (good old MBS 3 spoke hubs).





    Then after some time, I had longer axles made up 100mm wider.


    Then a make-over with the board being patched up a little and carbon fibre vinyl wrapped, new grip tape & Trampa grab handle added.



    The most recent addition was MBS F5 bindings.


  11. @.Joel no worries. Glad to be able to bring all this absolute goodness back to life. 

    Most of the images were restored - only those with dead links remain. If anyone wants to amend their posts from the past with the right photos, just me a PM and we can fix it up. 

    I have also put most of these into a new Board Gallery, for viewing pleasure, located here;

    I will monitor this thread and add any new pictures into the gallery as well.

    So, who's next - @m.klinge @Mfwetu i'm looking at you guys. And @Pari once your new board is pimped and ready please 😃

  12. 25 minutes ago, Pari said:

    Sure, I'd like to get some of these out there. There must be some other Revo nuts out there who'd like to upgrade or repair an old classic. Bit early to say for sure but I could see myself doing some full upgrade kits- housings, alloy straps and sides and the bushings with all the hardware included- stainless nuts and bolts. 

    For sure, there will be a market now that all the kitecrowd folk are on here. I was hoping you'd be in a position to do upgrades, spares etc. once you get some testing under your belt. Bushings and the parts that wear would be so good. 😂 I'm still excited

  13. 1 hour ago, Pari said:

    Wahoo the Revos are BACK!!

    I did a bit of a down winder and the printed Revo works really well. I'm so pleased. The difference between the skate trucks constant wobble and the smooth stability of the Revo was great to see.

    I'm gonna get both trucks on there now, give them a proper test session or two and start to get this new board built.

    Yesss! Nice one @Pari that is awesome news. I *might* be just as excited as you (if you can't already tell)

  14. 18 minutes ago, Pari said:

    @bakersdozen What are the foot starps you have on there?

    They were just some generic foot straps I got from Munro boards ages ago - all velcro. I've since updated them to the new MBS F5 - heaps more comfortable as I prefer the MBS style. I'll have a look for them on the weekend and update some board photos too.

  15. 7 hours ago, Pari said:

    They look cool with the carbon housings. Are they a custom made set?

    No, they are an original DX set, I bought from a kitecrowd member years ago. The carbon is just a wrap around the edges - bling only.


    3 hours ago, slide said:

    sorry to be a bit negitive but i wouldn't want to run my revo trucks on the top, they must take  a hell of a slamming if you are jumping 

    I've had no issues in the many years I've been running them this way. They're gonna get slammed either way they are oriented If that's how you ride. These axles are stainless and I had them made 100mm wider than the standard axles that came originally with the trucks.

    Which reminds me I still have the original axles here not being utilised. Might have to do something about that soon after @Pari does some further tests 😉

  16. On 11/19/2014 at 12:18 PM, zerogee said:

    To an electric-Outback mountainboard for those nowind days. :D








    Some test runs to get used to the throttle, the ride and turning without a kite for balance.


    On the lot before hitting the trail.



    On a paved trail with hills.



    Taking it offroad with some tree runs and terrain.


    @SoutherlyBusterneeds to see this one.

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