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  1. the only strange thing is why they give a name which already exists to a new kite?? There's already one Rage in the market since a few years (Jojo Rage). Anyway, nice review of a nice new kite.
  2. I understood!!! Is just that the name of the review doesnt fit at all. Could be "crossfire with depower bar" for example. Sorry
  3. but to make it really depowerable you would have to change the AoA by changing the ABCD bridles, and not just by putting ore or less brake input. What you are talking here is the same that is described in the Advance offroad (repower), Quadrifoil competition or even in the Yakuza. These kites add a bit of power with brake input, but it doesnt mean depower. Repower = add more power Depower = take some power away
  4. which lines didi you use for this test?
  5. I've tried different lenghts of power rings. I've attached one string with a few knots and the lenght of the rings can be changed in seconds. For strong winds its much better to use it longer (about 30-35 cm). Much better than without them. The kite is much mote stable, but is not so "heavy" as without power rings. Just try it!
  6. today i've tried it without the power rings. The kite is much more stable and comfy, and it do not overflyes, but it feels a bit more "heavy" and slow. In the lowest windrange it is not possible to fly without them. But the top windrange is even bigger.
  7. Hey johnkiteman, I read also your review before I bought mine. Thanks.
  8. I found this kite in one Swiss homepage, it costed me 130€, around 85 pounds 🙂 As it came the first thing I notice was the strange fabric. Sounds like paper, very light and different. The bigger sizes they made with Icarex. I tried to blow air through but it didnt passed nothing....gooood! The construction is just excelent. Even being a kite from 2001 the construction respect the higher actual standards. All the stitches are internal, the bridles are very well done and there are reinforcements everywhere. It comes with powerings as standard and honestly saying, I still dint tr
  9. thats the best review I've ever read!! :-)
  10. Bushflyer, what do you think about the sizes?? Have you ever tried all of them? How it is the frenzy comparing to the flysurfer (voodoo)? cheers mate and thanks for the nice reviews
  11. Thats funny...i've heard that the smallest sizes are the best...the big ones are not really light wind machines because they just work in more than 10 mph. They are made more for heavy persons.
  12. now you got it!!!! a good classic day. Its like surfing!!!
  13. hello everybody....you should ALWAYS put the size of the kite in the text!!! And not jut in the input bar.
  14. Its a friend's kite. But on the weekend he didnt appear and today was too much wind....but just perfect for he 4,9:-)
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