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  1. Caution are a kite company based in Santa Cruz, California. caution have been around since the beginning of kitesurfing, supporting the legendary former event, the 'Waddel creek kite clash'. their team, past and present has included some very well known riders, such as Chuck Patterson, Dylan Grafmyre and Ian Alldredge. the company enjoys a strong underground reputation for its tough, no nonsense designs tested in the heavy west coast surf. the answer is caution's first 'flat' or hybrid style kite. bag/ construction the answer bag is a no nonsense affair, a
  2. truly excellent review skyhooked. a long time ago i had an advance kite, and it was definitely the best made kite ive ever had. didnt get on with it, but after reading this, perhaps i wasnt ready for it then. keep up the good work.
  3. nice one. there may be a replacement on the way but the p2 is still a seriously good kite. just take it easy and be patient. mastering it takes time.
  4. as far as i know, peter lynn has made no comments regarding any of the problems with the venom. wind designs have been left to handle any customer issues, and on thier part were most helpful. glad you liked the review, i didnt think anybody read them!
  5. Peter Lynn venom 16m Recognised innovator and left field kite company Peter Lynn has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The introduction of their Arc series of kites marked a new era in terms of the stability of foils, and further developments with the Guerrilla, Bomba and Phantom series refined the idea and captured the minds of landboarders and kitesurfers alike. With the Venom, Peter Lynn hopes to bridge the gap between the Bomba and Phantom series kites, combining the stability of the former with the efficiency and turning of the latter. This pitches the kite into
  6. get in touch if you are at york, thats my local spot and id love to try one if you dont mind.
  7. having flown other models of kite, i'd have to say there are others which outjump it (mentioning no names but im sure you can guess) but the quality lets the overall package down. modern kites shouldnt need constantly repairing or tweaking. would you trust something which breaks at will?
  8. it's a shame really as the flying qualities are spot on, i really enjoyed the kite on the water up in the hebrides, up to 35 knots! but the quality is a real issue, and varies so much from kite to kite. i'll never fly, let alone test or buy another peter lynn kite as a result of this.
  9. 2 spars (1 midair) stitching on spar pocket failing, kite fabric tearing inexplicably, and the clincher, the splicing holding the metal ring for the safety system failed, and as a result, let the front right line go free. if itd happened during a jump i would be dead. this is unnaceptable.
  10. i have a venom 16 too. flyings great but lets just say there are some quality issues that i've suffered from...luckily these have happened while on the ground and not mid jump. i'm waiting to see how it plays out but expect more soon. in the meantime, check everything on your venom thoroughly before you fly!!!!
  11. good question. for me, the similarities lie in the flying style, both require confident imputs on the bar and prefer to be flown dynamically to get the maximum performance out of them. the 04 frenzy has quite a bit more bar pressure than the p2 though, so feels different. also, frenzies fly better unhooked. the p2 benifits form being closed cell, which means during a lull in the wind the kite maintains its internal pressure and keeps its shape. this makes it less likely to luff in wind shadows. with the p2's zippers left open it behaves more like the frenzy as it is then in effect an open cel
  12. This review takes a slightly different note as it concerns the kite I chose to buy for the 04-05 season. This gives the benefit of a longer test period, as well as all the fun that goes with owning a kite. Read on... At wallop 04 I had the chance on 2 occasions to try the Psycho 2 13, courtesy of The Lone Wolf. Having only read the internet gossip and pre-release hype up until this point I was more than eager to have a go. What started out as 2 twenty minute blasts turned into a 1 and 5 hour session, and I knew there and then I was getting one... One ho
  13. Like myself, you may not initially recognise the name BOOM. On the continent, BOOM is a well established brand, with a long history in snowkiting. In fact, they were one of the first companies to introduce depower systems to foil kites (who exactly introduced it first is a matter of contention between themselves and Flysurfer) on their most well known kite, the Vector. Since this BOOM produced the stillborn Prion (this kite was never fully productionised due to demands at the factory; BOOM is a subsidiary of NOVA paragliders), but the technology and development that went into the Prion was imp
  14. The Flysurfer EXTASY has been released to replace Flysurfer's intermediate model, the TITAN, in the 05 line-up. I was lucky enough to sample the kite at their recent demo day, courtesy of their U.K. distributor, Oceanside. The EXTASY is currently available in 3 sizes, 4.5, 7 & and 10m. Larger sizes will be available as soon as FS have finished the test schedule. Compared with previous models, this kite boasts several new ideas and refinements. Comparing it to the VOODOO for example, one can see that the curve of the wing is not as extreme at the wingtips, and remains more of a
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