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  1. Mick14


    Saw Ita Buttrose on TV the other night and the caption was "Ita Buttrose OBE" And I thought... C'mon! When did she have an Out of Buggy Experience?
  2. As long as there is plenty of room to maneuver, upwind turns on the buggy and the skateboard are great fun. Sometimes I think passers-by don't appreciate the mad skills. On the twin-tip on the water, it's a fine line between an upwind turn and a back roll transition. They're good when you get it right, big wipeout otherwise.
  3. A little while ago, I started to say "Wonk!", whenever I executed a perfect transition in the buggy. Doesn't matter if it's a tack or a jibe, but you maintain speed and line tension throughout the turn, coming out of the turn traveling in exactly the right direction, with a swoop, perhaps a loop of the kite for instant speed.... WONK! Now I can't help it and I do it kiting on the landboard and skateboard as well. WONK!! see if you do too!
  4. Yes there are stinging nettles in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne. Not sure if they're introduced or our own Aussie variety.
  5. Hi I'm Mike. I fly almost every style of kite, every day if I can. But I haven't got a NASA Star. Please put me in the draw and pull me out.
  6. Hi Innie You can register on the day, just go to the AKFA tent near the start of the jetty. No fee.
  7. What does it do? If it's part of the safety system that allows 3 of the 4 lines to go slack when you release the bar, then it can be as large as you like. The ring on the bar side needs to be bigger to not fit through the other ring.
  8. Great shots there Jamie and John. Thanks.
  9. That's the sort of wind you want at Kingston
  10. Yeah Norm based on what happened to the fishing comp a few years ago... Water levels higher than the locals had seen in 30 years flooded campsites thought to be safe behind the first dune. Cars destroyed. No BOM warning that night.
  11. Warning to anyone camping on the beach on the long weekend. Sustained strong westerly wind (frontal, not seabreeze) can cause tides much higher than the predicted astronomical tides. Luckily we're all keeping an eye on the wind forecast so we should be able to predict any frontal weather coinciding with high tide.
  12. Mine is the 16mm axel and current wheels have 32mm bearing recess, 9mm deep.
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