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  1. Blimey, Ive been away that long, Kitecrowd is no more, Flexi no longer do water kites and the Blade has been re-released 🤣 Anyway the reason for posting after 10/11 years, are there any reviews for the 2020 model? Quite tempted by the 'buy a Blade and get a free Rage' offer, have a 7.8 stashed away somewhere, but could be a way into getting me out into a field again
  2. Will drop this to £135 collected from Welwyn Garden City or £150 posted to UK, if it doesnt go tempted to get another Arc and make the occasional trip to Hunnie / use the landboard at the local park!
  3. All PMs replied too, sorry for the delay. Ben....whilst its the xmas sales, way too low, sorry That is indeed very true, if only it was a 163 / 165 I would be half tempted!! Thanks, but I sold my quiver off last year and have let insurance etc lapse as im not flying (not even my blades) atm :-(
  4. Just to answer a couple of questions over the year, believe this to be a 2004/2005, though it could pass for something much newer due to condition Open to sensible offers - as the boiler and x-box have just gone t**s up and could really do with the money now :-(
  5. That....I do not know Im still at 'newbie' stage, so wouldnt like to say its fine, then get shot down by everyone going 'WTF' I would assume yes - if you like the feeling of a large board / 'mowing the lawn' but hey, what the hell do I know. Though to say that....this is the only board I have (and therefore would have been using whatever I went out in) and I learnt on C's - so I like to do things a little different
  6. I had hoped not to have to sell this, but really cant see me getting near the water anytime soon and....I would need to buy a new quiver anyway So...up for sale is my FlySurfer Fly Door in 159x42, I will be totally honest, I bought this s/h mid 2010....but due to a hernia & hernia op earlier this year havent had it in the water myself but I can say its in really really good condition, it has a couple of scratches, but no dinks, bangs, gouges. Ideal for a begineer or as a light wind 'up and running before anyone else' board SOLD Collection from Welwyn Garden City though possibility
  7. Wells is 100% banned You can fly static there, but no land boarding or kite surfing - I asked when I was there last year. It almost looks perfect, with something for everyone, but it was a big fat NO when I asked
  8. God damn son of a gun - just as I was about to start thinking of going 'there' for the 1st time this year, Ive only gone and done my knee in Seriously...im going to take up something boring like stamp collecting, SO fed up right now :(
  9. Sneaky little bump up....part of me wants to keep these, part of me wants rid (and if they do go, I REALLY hope I get on with my bows)
  10. Im using Jonnie Eisler for a replacement pulley for my ION (didnt realise he was only up the road!!) Kite pulley blocks and bridle - jonnie eisler
  11. This is one of the reasons that I like learning on C's (though Ive now made the move to Bows)....if I can learn on a C with limited depower, then I also understand how to actually use my board....instead of having 1 kite with a huge windrange / depower That and the fact that im on a budget.... I have a healthy respect for these, most probably by being spanked a couple of times, not sure if a total 'newbie' going out on a modern kite will have the same respect though?
  12. Here you go...12m on the top http://homepage.ntlworld.com/iain.burns/Rhino/Fusion%2012%20Left.jpg http://homepage.ntlworld.com/iain.burns/Rhino/Fusion%2012%20Right.jpg and 15m (1st picture also showing the repair) http://homepage.ntlworld.com/iain.burns/Rhino/Fusion%2015%20Left.jpg http://homepage.ntlworld.com/iain.burns/Rhino/Fusion%2015%20Right.jpg Will fly on an equal length 5th line bar (I need to keep the Axis bar for my Ion and Atom im afraid....otherwise I cant fly them!)
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