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  1. Learning to Kitefoil... The risk is worth the reward.. loving the learning journey! Episode 9 already... =D
  2. I think this provides a nice impression of kitesurfing the lagoon in front of Leucate La Franqui in the south of France. Kite is the Ozone Alpha 12m, filmed in 360' on GoPro MAX mainly, with some drone shots edited in on DJI Mavic Air 2. Enjoy!
  3. A while ago I watched one of the Kitefoil Goldcup races from nearby and after having been kitesurfing a good few years I decided to take on the foiling challenge. Been keeping a record of my wins and fails and episode 6 is here.. Aiming to create a bit of a video based foiling hints / tips kinda series... comments subs and likes welcome!!
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