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    Wrap up

    By jhn.holgate, in MadWayTracker,

    Wrap up.
    We never planned a route for this trip, only a starting point and number of day's. The main goals were having fun, finding challenging terrain and visiting the areas of Mongolia we haven't already seen. 
    If we knew how mountainous snowy and tree lined the northern route through the Khangai mountains was we probably would never have attempted it.
    63 days.
    5377km traveled.
    One day without wind. 
    Prevailing wind direction W/NW/N.
    3 snow storms. 
    Highest altitude 1964m.
    Distance walked, approximately 60km (not easy towing a heavy buggy).
    Top speed 69kph.
    Salami consumed 5 meters. 
    Continuous distance traveled overland via train, bus and buggy- 9500km.
    New record for longest kite buggy trip, previous record 3693km, Mad Way Mongolia 2015.
    New record for longest 24hr cross country distance 317km. Previous record 260km, Mad way Mongolia 2014.
    New record for longest distance traveled using kite power, previous record 5067km, Wings over Greenland.
    Kites used in order of use. 
    3.5 meter Peter Lynn Uniq, strengthened and modified for extra performance. 
    4m high aspect single skin, home made. 
    2.4m 2 line NPW (NASA para wing model 21) home made. 
    1.5m NPW home made. 
    6m Peter Lynn phantom.
    4m depower Uniq, home made. 
    4m high aspect single skin, home made. 
    2.4m NPW, home made. 
    1.5m NPW, home made. 
    2.5m Uniq, strengthened and tuned. 
    6m phantom.
    The blue buggy used by Joe was my buggy from the previous 2 trip's, its done 10,600km, it's built very strong 35kg empty.
    The red buggy I used is built lighter and has narrower tyres, 25kg.
    I made the buggys, motor/generators, tents and most of the kites in the Peter Lynn show kite factory in Ashburton New Zealand.


    June 19, 2016

    By jhn.holgate, in MadWayTracker,

    China has been good to us so far, living off $10 for 10 days has been a challenge. Men in uniform are a constant hazard.
    4828km. A few hundred kilometers of police avoidance to go

    Da Bomb...

    Being held captive in a Chinese army base for 4 hours



    Ghostly brick town

    Rural Chinese bliss


    May 17, 2016

    By jhn.holgate, in MadWayTracker,

    1760km so far. Still plenty of mountains and challenging terrain in front of us.

    We have had good wind every day since we left the valley of trees. We are staying as far north as possible which is keeping us in interesting terrain.

    Good progress so far, left town at 6pm and made 100km by 1am. Unfortunately I burnt out one of our motor/generators trying to charge flat battery's too fast. 50km this morning, passed lots of camels and a frozen river. Stopped for a meaty lunch.

    32 hours on the bouncy bus, Mongolian music blaring, phone stolen and found again, bags spewed on. Hotel, buggys assembled and a quick run to the Russian border this avo. The northern route we will be attempting will be 1300km of mountains trees and rivers.

    We are in Ulaanbaatar, most of the way through our 3400km overland bus and train trip. We have a 30 hour bouncey bus ride to our start point of Ulaan-gom tomorrow. It's nice to be living in a yurt again and eating real food.

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