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  1. andy666

    buggying in brisbane

    @Mr. jones I am a buggier and live in brisbane (caboolture) The bad news is, most beaches around brisbane are not great for buggy. They are either small/narrow or very busy with people. Bribie is you best option, on the southern tip. This is where @Jason, from BrisKites, set the Australian speed record a few years ago. Or the 4wd beach at Bribie, but this gets very busy with traffic. guys used to also go to the Brighton/Sandgate when the tide was out or the park at Murrarrie. if you are southside, the nearest “good” beach is Kingscliff. Or if you are really keen, airforce beach evans head. It’s a 25km long beach with very little 4wd traffic. This is where I grew up and learnt to kite. It is an amazing spot. If you are northside, you need to travel well past the Sunshine Coast to escape the crowds and 4wd traffic. honestly, when I moved to Brisbane 7yrs ago I basically gave up the buggy and learnt to kiteboard. I now only buggy at Easter, when I travel up to yeppoon to enjoy some of the best beaches in Australia for kite buggying.
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