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  1. Mez

    Kingston 2021

    Well Kingston SE 2021 is almost coming to an end for @igeightyand I. We’ve managed to get a buggy and a sail on both the beach and the Clay Pan this year. Both were in excellent condition. Lots of people in town this year, this year’s trip has coincided with the annual fishing competition, which means for two days, the beach is out of bounds, the Victorian Blokart Club have returned and a new arrival this year have been a 4x4 club with an expected attendance of roughly 400 vehicles. I’m sitting here in our annex and for the first time since we arrived, the rain is gently falling, @jhn.holgateand @Angus Johnstonewere venturing out to the pan, hopefully it’s not too sticky for them. This year’s attendance role :- @Mez @igeighty @roblukin@jhn.holgate @Angus Johnstone @Grants @BobM @Darren Tibbey @The Duke@AliNev and Most of the SA crew! Dougie Dougie Rob Dougie Rob Dougie Mez Mez
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