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  1. Gday Mate, The vertical spars should be on the rear of the kite. a steady wind is much easier to learn. you will find that you will need to be quite gentle on the control, with much smaller movement than a foil. The rev responds best to small precise movements, and that will come with practice. I hope we can get to have a fly again soon. Always keep it in the car, they do make a great carpark kite. stick with it,
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  2. Yes, the front of the kite has the logo printing on the left-hand side, and the internet tells me that the verticals go on the rear. To make that work, you'll need to twist the fittings up and over the leading edge, which seems a bit awkward, but apparently that's by design. You'll also notice that when the verticals are on the rear, the bridle extends out from the attachment points more clearly. Re: the flying side of things, my experience with Revs in general is limited to a few 20 minute sessions over the years. Two thoughts though -- the Supersonic series is made for high winds, so tr
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