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  • Buying Your First Kite Buggy


    Buying your first Kite Buggy is a big step, so lets explore the best options together so you get the right equipment to start.  The key to your first Kite Buggy is choosing a buggy that will get you kiting as often as possible, a versatile buggy when starting will give you the most enjoyment as frequently as possible.   Features that are important in a first buggy are the ability to use it in the widest possible conditions, whilst easily transportable and good value.

    Top Choices for your First Kite Buggy

    Kite-Buggy-Peter-Lynn-Rally.jpgPeter Lynn Rally
    The Peter Lynn Rally is a fantastic first choice for a Kite Buggy, it’s compact, versatile and offers a really good all-round Kite Buggy.

    The Peter Lynn Rally comes in two available wheel configurations, Standard and Midi/Wide wheels.  The ideal configuration for someone starting with the Peter Lynn Rally as their first buggy is the Midi/Wide wheel configuration.  This will give you the flexibility to comfortably kite buggy in most parks, ovals and grassed areas whilst also providing the ideal introduction to beach kite buggying.  The Midi/Wide wheels option on the beach will allow you to kite with slightly less power required, and also allow you to go through much softer sand more comfortably than attempting with a standard wheel.


    Kite-Buggy-Zebra.jpgZebra Buggy
    The Zebra Buggy is an excellent first buggy offering the casual and beginner kite buggy pilot a solid platform to start with.  The buggy offers good back support and has upgrade options going forward as your skills develop.

    The Zebra Buggy comes in with the option of a 125cm or 150cm Rear Axle, and the option of a Standard or Midi/Wide Fork, and Standard or Midi/Wide Tyres.  The ideal beginners configuration is a Zebra Kite Buggy with 125cm Rear Axle, Midi/Wide Fork and Midi/Wide Tyres all round.  This will give you the most flexibility to kite parks and ovals, whilst the slightly wider tyres assist on softer beaches.

    Second Hand Options?
    A Second Hand Kite Buggy can save you considerable money when first setting out provided you purchase the right model for a beginner.  Kite Buggies such as the Peter Lynn Competition, Peter Lynn Competition MK2, Flexifoil and Libre vMax kite buggies are all excellent beginner choices and are frequently sold in the Buy & Sell section of our Community Forum.

    Build Your Own?
    If you’ve got the resources why not?  Take a read through our Kite Buggy Forum and start a new discussion.  Best methods and practises are always evolving and changing, so you’ll get the help you need in a New Topic.

    Still Not Sure?
    If you’ve still got questions and unsure ask in our Community Kite Buggy Forum, our members will be more than happy to assist in answering your questions.

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    A post with years of knowledge behind it.

    A great intro to buggies for the newer pilot to consider. :good:

    And don't forget to put a helmet on your head! 

    A simple push bike helmet is fine to start with.

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