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Beachport Fly




So the buggy wheels became sandy from our trip out to BeachPort, which is 89km south east from Kingston SE. Just before you head into town and before the caravan park is a small pull in which puts you straight on the beach. After a few groups of horses trotted through, Doug was out, keen to get a fly before another hacking group came through. With the wind SSW at 15 knots, the GT was offloaded and a 2.7m Vapor hoisted into the air, a few runs up and down the beach and Doug comes back in to grab a 4.5m Vapor. 

After a trip into town, John and Trevor pull in and both put up their Longstar (Green) 3.5 for John and (Blue) 7.0 for Trevor. The colours in these two kites are crisp and clean. Andy arrives with the family and the second GT buggy graces the beach. He puts up a 9.5 Kahoona and gets a few runs in with the others.

In the mean time, Chook went to investigate the beach 20km along at Southend. A little wider and with 4x4 beach access, however the wind turns to favour BeachPort so he heads back and puts his green R1 in the air. I think sometimes Chook forgets that this buggy has three wheels, as we watched him a few times balance on just the two. Rob (after much contemplation) decides that the beach needs another GT and shows off his new winching system on the back of his Chamonix. Pretty nifty! Around 5pm we start to gather back in and in head back to Kingston. Everyone quite happy to of had a session and an alternative beach. 




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